WATCH: Netanyahu Says He Spoke To Yanky Kanievsky To Get Message To The Gadol HaDor

HaRav Hagaon Chaim Kanievsky with his grandson Yanky.

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During an announcement that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made on Sunday evening he explained that in his opinion, it was not below his honor to speak to Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky’s grandson, Yanky, instead of with the Gadol Hador himself.

According to Netanyahu:

“What can I say, HaRav Kanievsky is unavailable. Anyone who wants to speak to him needs to go through his grandson, so I spoke to his grandson as well in order to pass my message on to HaRav Kanievsky,” Netanyahu said.

“I don’t see this as being below my honor. I didn’t beg. I simply told him to spread the word that everyone needs to follow the rules. That is my message to the Rav. I hope that he (the grandson), passes on my message to HaRav Kanievsky. I have no idea if it will have an effect or not.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. When you have nothing to criticize about, you find something! “Why did Netanyahu speak to the ainekel!”
    Utter stupidity! The man is trying to help the population to survive this pandemic! I wish he would focus a bit more on business survival too!

  2. Imagine having a moshe rabeinu, that you never got to hear his actual opinion, never got to speak to him privately, and never interacted with him, pashut, without an intermediary there the entire time.

    This is the situation with rav chaim. EVERYTHING, gets funneled through his grandson. At this point, there is no way to know what is from yanky, and what is rav chaims actual thoughts and beliefs, in general.

  3. At this point, it seems that growing segments of the Chareidi tzibur, both Litvish and Chassidish simply ignore the admonitions of their rabbonim and have decided to try to go back to a normal life. The nightly articles here on YWN describe hundreds of bochurim rioting, attacking first responders and destroying property just because they are bored and tired of the lockdown. Words of rabbonim telling them to stay home are ignored. With all respect, the police will soon have to decide to go in with maximum force and roundup these hooligans or simply withdraw and allow them to burn down their neighborhoods and create a “Hunger Games” type of environment where mob rule prevails. The police seem paralyzed by political ineptness and fear of repercussions at the ballot box

  4. avreichamshlomo, if he really wanted, he could go down to the gadol.
    My family members were just by R’ Chaim this week.. he could also make the trek and wait on line

  5. @avreichamshlomo: I don’t think this is completely true; there are quite a number of people around the gaon and there are regular video clips showing what he said. I don’t believe Yanky could just falsify anything he wants in the name of his grandfather.

  6. @avreichamshlomo
    You can speak to him and I’ve done so myself. I don’t have connections and simply put… I am a nobody (but the Rav Shlita did not treat me like one). I simply had to wait in line like everyone else.
    Your comment is an ignorant comment in many ways.

  7. I’m sorry Netanyahu and it’s very poor pathetic excuse. Throughout the history high level government officials did go speak to the Gedolim.
    He’s acting like it’s too great for him to lower himself and go meet R Chaim.
    Or he’s worried how it will look for him politically.

  8. I also waited on line and got to speak to Rav Chaim Shlit”a….

    When it comes to these big klal issues, @avreichshlomo has a very good point, and definitely not out of ignorance..
    We NEVER get to see the shaala just a bunch of clips that we have no idea how the question was presented.
    Even with WZO, which was signed by Rav Chaim nobody saw the shaala.
    In all the generations along with the tshuvos was the exact wording of the shoal, for everyone to see EXACTLY how it was presented (as a side note: that’s may be an explanation, why since the Rashb”a the name of the sefer is Shu”t not just Tshuvos harashb”a, it is extremely important to be able to see the shaala).