Catskills: Hero NY State Trooper Finds Missing Jewish Girl In Freezing Snow-Covered Forest


Thanks to a persistent NY State Trooper, a missing girl was miraculously found in a forest, Sunday afternoon.

Sources tell YWN that Catskills Hatzolah and the NY State Police were called to a report of a missing teenager in the White Lake area. Upon arrival, first responders learned that a 16-year-old girl was missing in a heavily wooded area – with at least two feet of snow in many places.

The search began, NYSP Zone Sergeant Hafele deployed a drone, while Trooper Nicholas D’Angelo of the New York State Police Liberty barracks began walking into the forest. Eye-witnesses tell YWN that the forest was covered in snow, and D’Angelo walked for hours, never relenting despite the snow and cold. Eventually, his persistence paid off, and he located the freezing cold girl sitting on a snow-covered rock – a few miles into the forest.

She was extricated back to the staging area, where a warm Catskills Hatzolah ambulance was waiting.

Members of the search team told YWN that she never would have survived the night if not for this brave State Police hero.

She was taken to Orange Regional Medical Center for treatment, and was in stable condition.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. We are all obviously VERY HAPPY that she was found and a BIG thanks to the Trooper….

    And of course Thank you Hashem for keeping her alive and sending a shliach to get her out.


    Do we NOT have enough tzoros and pain all around us that we have to add more C’V?


  2. I understand the need for privacy and no name is mentioned.
    People should know what this was all about, is this a special individual, a runaway or a runaway from an abusive situation?

  3. To all those writing things like “people should know what this is all about” or questioning why someone would go in to a snow covered forest etc.
    Really?! Are you people for real?!? Do you not realize that OBVIOUSLY there’s an aspect to this story which is out of the norm and this wasn’t a simple case of someone deciding to take a stroll in two feet of snow deep in the woods (sarcasm intended). And to be quite frank it’s none of your business. So thank Hashem that this stuff doesn’t happen to you and your family, say Thank You to Him that the girl is safe and move on. Good day to all and may Hashem watch over us all.