TRAGEDY IN WILLIAMBURG: Young Child R”L Struck And Killed By School Bus On Hooper Street [UPDATED 2:20PM]


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Tragedy struck the Williamsburg community on Wednesday morning, when word spread of a fatal accident involving a young child.

Police in Brooklyn are investigating after a young boy was fatally struck by a school bus and found dead in the street by an MTA bus driver.

The 6-year-old boy’s body was discovered on South 5th Street near Hooper Street at 8:28 a.m. Wednesday.

Williamsburg Hatzolah responded and Paramedics attempted to save the child life, but were unfortunately unsuccessful due to the massive injuries sustained.

Police say the boy’s 9-year-old brother had just boarded the school bus. As the bus pulled away, the 6-year-old was struck.

“Preliminary, we believe the driver did not know he struck the child,” said Sgt. Robert Denig, of the NYPD Highway Patrol’s Collision Investigation Squad. The driver is currently being interviewed by detectives at the 90th precinct.

Police said the 6-year-old was supposed to have boarded that same bus.

Chesed Shel Emes and Misaskim were on the scene, and the NYPD was investigating the incident.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Also my deepest sympathy to this poor bus driver that has to work so hard to bring home parnassah and now he has this night mare hanging over him for being the driver. We all need to be mispallel for him that he should recover from this terrible tragedy .
    By the way i have spoken to a few Bus managers from different schools that all Yeshivas should arrange two times a year a Safety Refreshing course with all drivers where a trained educator will review all rules and regulations and also hear from all drivers the Near Misses happen every single day. I am sure there is not a single driver who did not have a NEAR accident or witnessed other bus drivers who almost hit some one.
    Yeshivos and Schools MUST demand this from every driver that they need to attend this seminar and it should be on a day off like a Tanis tzibir or on a Summer day when there is NO school and the drivers should get paid for attending .

  2. The news is relevant to our community but the numerous photos aren’t necessary. This is the 2nd recent incident resulting in the death of a child in similar circumstance.

  3. Crazy school bus drivers?! How dare u? The drivers are amazing people doing their duties with mesiras nefesh! I personally know of a “crazy driver” reciting tehillim for hours every morn he shld be zocha to fo his job Bishlaimus. How dare thus blanket statement?! You’re probbly judging then from ur high top office on Park Ave! A nice tip to these dedicated drivers wld show our appreciation which they so amazingly deserve!
    Of course some might not have the personality u wish just like other people. But the audacity to shoot such a despicable unfounded statement begs for repentance.
    Our bus driver are our HEROES!! Our hears go out for this particular one. They are the best at what they’re doing and we need to respect them not shove them.