WATCH IT: Assemblyman Eichenstein Slams Cuomo For Singling Out Orthodox Jews During Discriminatory Lockdowns


Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein addressed the New York State Assembly during the vote o Friday to revoke Governor Cuomo’s extraordinary Executive powers. In his passionate address Assemblyman Eichenstein described the Governor’s draconian lockdown measures.

“It is important to reflect right here on the floor of the People’s House that only Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, be it in Brooklyn, in Queens, in Rockland County, in Orange County, on Staten Island, only Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods were singled out by this Governor and placed in full lockdown red zones in an effort to take revenge against my community,” said Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein.

Assemblyman Eichenstein continued, “It is with that in mind, Mr. Speaker, that I have voted in the past and I will continue to advocate for fully revoking the Governor’s powers that he has so misused and abused in a discriminatory fashion”.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. great speech Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein!! & if need be, physically push cuomo into prison and throw away the keys. Such a corruption of power is pure evil, and shall never be tolerated.

  2. Pretending that the Hasidic community kept to the rules, were singled out, or arent responsible for the rise in antisemitism is just lying.
    We were placed in red zones because our hands are red from all the blood spilled due to our negligence.

    And we all know it.
    Yeah, even you.

  3. @Honesty Period, do you really think that by wearing masks and social distancing that high and mightyhuman beings can stop corona?!? What a joke!!! Blood spilled due to our negligence! Due to our negligence… in emuna and bituchon! Hashem showed us that you think masks and social distancing will help you? No way! I know many people personally that were extremly carefull and got it anyway! All your stupid over precautions arent going to help you! There is no Kochi Veotzem Yodi!! That doesnt mean you shouldnt be carefull around older people and at risk. if you feel sick, STAY HOME! But dont think that because you kept all the covid guidelines that you wont get it, because obviously you havent gotten the message that hashem is trying to tell us that hes in control, not us!!

  4. While it is obviously true that some people who were careful still got it, the chances are decreased. Just like if you work for money you can still be poor – the world is a complicated place.

    You seem to suggest that COVID happened to send us a message that Hashem is in control, while that is if course debatable on several levels (like, can we know why stuff happened? would Hashem kill millions to exercise control – are there no better ways? and so on) masks and social distancing still decrease the chances of becoming ill with COVID.

    It is simple factual science and as long as you and others deny it, we will continue to suffer 4 times the deaths of the general population.

  5. @Honesty Period, while it’s true that people in our community where negligent, it’s also true that Cuomo acted 100% out of pure anti Semitism. Consider the following”

    1) If Cuomo was caring about safety, why were all shuls restricted regardless of size? Why did a huge shul that can contain thousands of people have the same restrictions as a small shteeble?

    2) If Cuomo was caring about safety, why were the same metrics and numbers not applied to other non frum neighborhoods? When the upticks occurred in other neighborhoods, these same “red zone” decrees where not implemented.

    3) If Cuomo was caring about safety, why were shuls that had been extremely careful and 100% compliant (like Agudah of Madison) also closed? Based on what? Their religious affiliation? Type of clothes they wore?

    This is not to excuse those that were not careful in taking mitigating efforts to stop the virus, but to point out that two things can be true at the same time. People should have been more careful AND Cuomo acted like a egomaniacal anti semite and on a power trip where he assumed the easy targets he was shooting at would not make him face any real repercussions.