WATCH THIS: Biden Forgets Name Of The PENTAGON And The Name Of The Secretary Of Defense


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President Joe Biden appeared to forget the name of the Pentagon and the name of the Secretary of Defense on Monday.

It happened when Biden was announcing the nominations of two female generals for promotion to four-star commands, hailing the nominees as “two outstanding and eminently qualified warriors and patriots.”

“And I want to thank the sec – the, the, ah former general. I keep calling him general, but my, my – the guy who runs that outfit over there,” Biden said.

“I want to make sure we thank the secretary for all he’s done to try to implement what we just talked about. And for recommending these two women for promotion.”

See the video below:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. And we are supposed to believe that 80 million+ Americans voted for this guy? Is Joe the best and brightest that the democrat party has to offer?! Is he smarter than Hillary Clinton?

  2. Uh oh…Joe’s gotta be Dr. Suess’d and canceled. He dared use the term “little boys and little girls” when we all know that the science tells us there is no such thing. Genders are a construct of white supremacist culture. Poor Joe, the Lorax has gotten to him and his Yertle has left the building. The cat has gotten his hat, and Joe has no memory of what a hat is.
    Go away Joe, for you are insane, it is not your fault, you are not to blame. Get out of the White House you doddering old fool…we all know you are just a tool.
    Please bring back The Donald for we miss him so, please, please go far away crazy old Joe.

  3. The secretary of defense was a general. Many people, including at his confirmation hearing and in interviews called him general, when they should have said secretary. Pres. Biden knew him and worked with him for years when he was a general.

    Seriously, this is pathetic. Your golden calf forgot names, places and things on a daily basis. Called people by the wrong name all the time. And also supported Nazis and did everything he could to undermine American values, democracy, and the economy to his own personal benefit. But to you, unnamed editor, that was fine. Yet snipping a quote out of context to make a man who is far more accomplished and intelligent than you look silly is somehow news.

    This is a Jewish publication?

  4. Funny, though we all knew about this regardless of which ‘side’ you were on, I don’t think anyone really cared that much. If you were republican/Trump you used it against him, and if you were Democrat or a never Trumper you just acknowledged it and tried to brush it aside. I wonder if we will get to a point where even Democrats start to get worried…

  5. Joe Biden has a stutter. He started saying “secretatary” [of State] and then stopped and said “my general” instead. He switched because he was afraid his stutter on the word “secretary” would become noticeable.

  6. hey, lets not make fun of Joe, he has done a great job for a person who suffers from dementia! You show me some one else who is demented who has succeeded like demented Joe….

  7. Yeshiva World,
    Why do you keep making fun of his forgetfulness? The guy had a stroke many years ago, he is doing great! Would you run for office and win after you had a stroke? He is a man who suffered a lot, lost his first wife and baby daughter in a car crash, and in 2015 his adult son died of cancer.
    Your mockery reflects who you are, not he!

  8. If your grandparents or rosh yeshiva forgets something, do you mock them? It is unbecoming to mock someone for lapses of memory.

    Of course, Trump, who couldn’t stop talking about how great his memory was, would forget and otherwise mix up names all the time (just google Trump great memory and enjoy the clips). If you mock anyone for memory lapses, perhaps it’s best to reserve it for people who baselessly go around telling everyone that they’re an extremely stable genius, and telling everyone about their amazing memory. Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.

  9. Being Biden is already president it doesn’t make much sense to keep discussing his ability, as if he were still campainging. H-shem ya’zor v’yerachem aliynu.

  10. > M

    This is not about “mock”ing anyone. My grandparents or rosh yeshiva do not have their fingers on the nuclear button. This guy does have his finger on the nuclear button. And as the story in Artscroll goes about R. Moshe Feinstein when he was in a conversation and a disagreement about which daf a certain reference is found, he rushed out to grab a Gemara to show he was correct. When asked about such behaviour he explained – he relies on his memory to give psak, and if there is any evidence that his memory turned faulty he can no longer continue to do that. Which means in this case, with such evidence of this guy’s mental state, self-preservation requires something immediate be done about that nuclear button.

  11. How stupid can you be? Yea you. And you too.
    Why are you assuming that YWN is mocking anyone?
    Does your Grandfather/Rosh Yeshiva control the nuclear ‘football’?
    You don’t think its newsworthy that our good president seemingly has dementia or the sorts?

  12. I’ll go further… this is especially pathetic because this “article” is an example of using fake nonsense to bury an important story and blur an accomplishment. The ceremony was to announce the nominations of two women to serve as 4-star generals, the first in American history.

    Again, I’ll note that you, unnamed editor, showed a 46 second clip of a much longer speak, AGAIN, breaking out where is said “pentagon” and “secretary Austin” to show spots where he didn’t. Just like a few weeks ago when you showed 15 seconds of a press briefing claiming that Press Secretary Psaki didn’t say Israel was an important ally when she had said exactly that two questions earlier. You just broke it out.

    Why are you being dishonest? Why are you deceiving your readers? Why are you pushing a narrative you know to be false?

  13. OrechDin, you are a vicious, dammed liar. I won’t even address most of your lies, since one stands out above all the rest: That Trump supported Nazis. That is such an evil wicked lie that nothing else you write is worth addressing. You’re a disgrace to your family, to your teachers, and to your declared profession. Ki yisocher pi dovrei shoker.

  14. Biden is not our grandfather or rosh yeshivah. All his life he was an idiot, a liar, and simply a nasty person, full of malice. And now on top of it he is senile. It is entirely appropriate to point this out and to hold Democrats responsible for putting him where he is.

  15. Did you make this much fuss when Trump was referring to “Tim Apple” and Betnayahu”?

    Because if you didn’t, you really ought to stop being so pathetic.