ARRESTED IN FLATBUSH: Man Who Kept Wife Agunah For 17 Years Arrested By NYPD


A man who has allegedly kept his wife an Agunah for 17 years was arrested by the NYPD on Thursday afternoon.

A number of years ago, the man married a second woman while still refusing to give his first wife a Get. Earlier this week, protestors began to gather outside his home, with hundreds attending each night demanding that he give a Get.

Meanwhile, unbeknown to most people, the second wife and children were allegedly being severely abused. A voice note went viral on Thursday morning of the man violently abusing his wife and her children. The audio clip is simply too horrifying to publish on YWN. A community member who heard the clip reached out to the wife, and convinced her to press charges.

Sources tell YWN that the NYPD’s Domestic Violence Unit interviewed the woman, who detailed the extensive violent abuse allegations to them.

Police arrived at the home, and after a few minutes, he was taken into custody.

Law enforcement sources tell YWN that the man is expected to he charged with assaulting his wife (such as her being allegedly strangled), as well as for assaulting a minor.




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  1. This is not Judaism. ORA are proponents of “forced Get”. This violates halacha and causes ממזרים רח”ל.

  2. get resuers need to be brought down and brought to justice.

    predators of parental alienation also need to be brought down and brought to justice.

    parental alienation is child abuse

  3. It is exactly this kind of stupid behavior that makes the world hate us. This is what HaShem meant when He said My people are profaning My Name among the Nations. I pray they put this idiot under the jail and may he not see a trial under 17 years from now… Measure for Measure!

  4. The entire story notwithstanding,

    It is a shame that Hershy Tishler has any say in anything. He is responsible for a massive Chillul Hashem whose results we still see today.

    He comes wherever he gets attention, wherever there will be a camera he will come. He is not here to be productive.

    And @Deracheha_darchei_noam, this is a complicated Halachic question and in horrible circumstances it is understandable why we should want to go L’kula.

  5. If he gives a Get after this pressure the Get is a “Get Me’usa”. Check out Shulchan Aruch regarding the invalidity of a Get Me’usa.

  6. Moshiach will come because of the women doing the right thing! Where were the leaders of the community for the last 17 years? Where was the Bais Din from his community? Kudos to the women that organized this and let’s hope the pressure will make him do the right thing and give her the Get!

  7. DDN:

    Is beating your wives and kids Judaism? I am no advocate for ORA, and I have the same halachic questions as you. I believe we should rejoice that this monster has been apprehended. If the two women would be freed via מיתת הבעל, as stated in the mishna, some modicum of justice might be served. Meanwhile, ORA is what it is, have your issues with it, but get animals like this into cages and leave them there for a very long time.

  8. Leaving a woman as an aguna is the height of cruelty.
    Every effort should be made to hound these scum.
    At the very least it should act as a deterrent to others.


  10. Derachaha-you don’t know what you are talking about, In Israel the rabbanut routinely puts such monsters in jail and do not even consider it ‘get meusheh”.

  11. Anyone want to discuss how he remarried without giving his first wife a get? Did he get a heter? Did a rabbi perform the wedding?

  12. DDN, as a general statement you are more right than wrong, but in this case, if the facts reported turn out to be accurate, it would seem that Kefiyas Gett is warranted.

  13. This should be published everywhere. And same should be done to others doing so. this thing of not giving a get is the worst and most painful thing a person could do. Wee must stand for such victim’s in כלל ישראל and do everything possible to help them its not any different than any other mitzvah.

  14. Sad, but from the headline, I thought the arrest was somehow tied to his withholding of his first wife’s get. It’s not and will have no bearing on it. So congratulations, we’ll now have two agunas from one husband!

  15. What @Deracheha_darchei_noam wrote is so inaccurate. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a get-refuser himself. Did you ever hear of the concept of כופין אותו עד שיאמר רוצה אני? Do you have even a clue of how halacha works? Apparently not. It’s clear from your comment how ignorant in halacha you are, and how off beat you are. Besides, even on a simple level, none of what’s going on right now is “forced”. Public pressure is not halachically classified as “forced”. Do you get that? Apparently not. There’s no violation of any halacha, and there’s no mamzeirim. There are women suffering like hell, and rather than being sympathetic to their plight as the halacha is, you’re just throwing out terminologies and labels that are ignorant and false. Halacha does not perceive public pressure as ‘forced’. Nobody is twisting their arms or physically harming them. Nobody is freezing their funds. Nobody is touching them. All that’s ahppening now is public pressure. There’s not a single legitimate posek on earth that renders that as halachically forced. In your few words of your comment you revealed who you really are. You’re just like the get-refusers themselves. You seem like the type of guy who’s upset that Rabashkin got out of jail. You’re not a Jew at heart, you’re sympathetic to those animal get refusers and it tickles you when there’s public pressure on those animals.

  16. @darcheha_darchei_noam
    Your statement may be correct but notice that his arrest has nothing to do with the get. He is being arrested for domestic abuse.

  17. One thing I don’t get here and people let me know what you think. Why is this newsworthy? If the point was to publicly shame him and to spread the awareness that ploney isn’t giving his wife a get I’m all for it (in the event that it’s halachicly okay). But you guys don’t even write his name. So it seems like it’s just another piece of hock. That is terribly sad and not one bit enjoyable. My heart goes out to his first wife and children if there are any. Same goes for the second wife and children. And it’s also sad how a yid fell so low. Terribly sad. Not to say that I’m not for shaming him and excommunicating him until he stops his atrocious behavior. It’s just all terribly sad. So why is this hock?! Why is this geshmak to post just for hock purposes?!?

  18. Those asking about it, since he’s Sephardic he’s halachicly permitted to have more than one wife at a time, since cherem rabbeinu gershom doesn’t apply to sephardim.

    Regarding the other point, according to Shulchan Aruch publicly pressuring a man to give a Get makes the Get that’s substantially given into a “Get Me’usa” (invalid Get, according to Halacha, which there’s a whole section of Shulchan Aruch on.)

  19. In ageneral sense, TTH has said it all, but it’s worthwhile pointing out that the law with a forced get (like marrying a second wife) is different for Ashkenazim than for Sefardim. The stricter take on the subject derives from Toesfos, whom Ashkenazim follow. Rambam has a much more lenient approach. However, even Ashkenazim have loopholes, and as a few commentators have noted, this could well be one. One of the early posking tells of a man who dragged his son in law to beis din in chains!
    However, wrt the chillul hashem argument – I nearly cracked up when I saw it. Again, enough people have answered well, but I’d add that the complainers probably descend from those who said complained when Pinchos made his way in to Zimri’s tent with a spear. How crazy can you get? They guy was arrested FGS! On the contrary, people complain that Jews cover for eachother. Now they can see that we don’t.

  20. ujm and Deracheha_darchei_noam:

    Did you guys even read the article? The article has nothing to do with what you seem to think it does.

  21. There are some people who think they are smart or they think someone will think they are a תלמוד חכם for example this idiot “ Deracheha_darchei_noam” and “ujm” stay quiet and look for attention somewhere else.
    To publish such a person is a mitzvah and there is no question about a forest get until it involves physical harm or damage to his money. Little Rachmaninov common

  22. @TTH
    You say….
    “What @Deracheha_darchei_noam wrote is so inaccurate. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a get-refuser himself.”
    “In your few words of your comment you revealed who you really are. You’re just like the get-refusers themselves. You seem like the type of guy who’s upset that Rabashkin got out of jail. You’re not a Jew at heart, you’re sympathetic to those animal get refusers and it tickles you when there’s public pressure on those animals.”
    What is wrong with you? He was pointing out something which he thought was halachicly accurate. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. I don’t know the halachos. But he most definitely was not sticking up for that animal get refuser. So how can you lash out at him like that and say such horrible things? Get refusal is horrible and the basis of it’s atrociousness is in the extreme lack of bein adam lechaveiro. You don’t seem too great in that yourself. Unbelievable….

  23. Rabbi Mendel Epstein needs to be freed from jail. He was very proactive in getting recalcitrant husbands to give a get (by having a thug beat them up,) and he is now sitting in jail, after having freed many agunos.

  24. This story is far from simple
    The community rabbis did everything possible to help her
    Rabbis from Israel tried to help her
    The guy is a monster
    Master class liar and abuser.
    He was excommunicated and he sued the rabbis for defamation and cost them a fortune in legal fees
    It’s a long long story but finally the truth is out
    And FYI Heshy was invited. The organizers wanted to get headlines so they called him. Don’t judge.

  25. As to how he got married a second time, again, world class liar. None of the local rabbis would marry him so he found a rabbi who believed his lies (that either his wife refused the get or that he had given one etc… for years he created fake gets and pretended he had divorced her- none were kosher)

  26. His first wife has said publicly
    Do not blame the rabbis they United tremendously on my behalf
    The powers of the bet din are limited nowadays

  27. Dear Friends,
    Please, couldn’t we be polite to one another and non-insulting even if we disagree?
    Furthermore, I think that the Rambam says that they are allowed to beat a man untll he agrees to give the divorce. I heard of a case where men broke into a husband’s office, put the get on the table in front of him, gave him a pen, held a pistol to his head and said, “she’s going to be a divorcee or an almana, you decide.”
    (He decided divorcee