Another Agunah Has Been Freed Following Public-Pressure Campaign


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Thanks to a public-pressure campaign to free multiple Agunos, yet another woman has been freed.

Jonathan Abtan has given his wife Michelle a Get on Tuesday afternoon.

The Get was done in the office of Mr. Harry Adjmi, one of the pillars of the Sephardic community in Flatbush / Deal.

Mr Adjmi along with leading Sephardic Rabbonim in NY have been extremely instrumental in freeing at least three Agunos the past week and half.

This is just one of a few Agunos who received a Get the past two weeks, following an outpouring of protests on social media in support of many women who are literally chained to their husbands.


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There are multiple protests planned this week at the homes of other get-refusers, and sources tell YWN that Rabbonim are frantically trying to convince these men to give their Gitten before protests escalate.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Hello
    A גט is only valid if done with the absolute WILL of the husband (except in rare situations when it’s permitted to force a husband to give a גט).
    A גט which is not done according to Halacha is null and void.

  2. There is always more to the story, like parental alienation, or men following halacha to try to save their marriages under the 1 year clause that Talmud, Rambam and Shulchan Aruch demand and that Rav Hutner encouraged for 2 years. Engaging in the smut should be condemned by the entire Jewish community at large.

    Given that all pressure, when warranted by a reputable Beis Din, must be local and any non-local pressure that cannot be avoided at all invalidates any get, this is not just the work of smut peddlers, but also cause mamzerus. There is no place for such articles in any frum publication and no one comes out clean to any sane person.

  3. כופים אותו עד שיאמר רוצה אני is a דין in the General and paskened in the Rishonim. Obviously NOT a forced גט. Stop hating the חכמי התורה and stop supporting abbusive husbands.

  4. The commentators here are living in some kind of fairy land. I personally know multiple women who were waiting for many years for a get from abusive husband’s. Both women that I k ow very well had abusive husband’s who were not loyal to them. One waited for a get for 12 years, she is Chabad and the community did nothing for her, and her husband suffered no consequences. Another woman I know waited 7 years for a get, all her childbearing years expired. No one fought for these women, they were on their own. Their stories ended well, but many are not so lucky.

  5. כופים אותו עד שיאמר רוצה אני only applies to certain situations which are defined in the Mishna and Shulcon Aruch.

    If a “kefia” was used in other situations, the “get” is null and void.

    It’s perfectly fine to sympatize with a women who wants a “get” and is not living with her husband for a long time… BUT, the Torah and Halacha is not established by “feeling”. The Halacha is quite clear.

  6. Pupa13-who are you to determine what a “get meusah” is? there is a bais din and they are responsible for the implementation so, please stop the rechilus!

  7. The worst part of the Get refusing is that the husband hires people to support his abuse paying lots of money to bully wife. Its extremely sad to watch how all he wants is to do abuse without any financial or custody gain in the process. Even when the wife agreed to try saving the marriage the abuse would worsen and he would manage shift all the blame onto her. I believe if the husband wants his needs met come to Besdin. if he refusing that’s all about abuse, we need to help these women no one is with them they are imprisoned Klal Yisroel needs to stop this.