WATCH: Biden Falls THREE TIMES Trying To Climb Stairs To Board Air Force One


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President Joe Biden tumbled three separate times trying to board Air Force One Friday as he and Vice President Kamala Harris departed the nation’s capital to meet with local leaders in Atlanta following a series of deadly shootings.

The president was briskly climbing the stairs to the presidential jet before appearing to trip, attempting to gather himself, then tripping again.

A reporter in the pool following Biden reported that it’s a windy day at Andrews Air Force Base.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Is this what we’re really teaching our children these days? To make fun of elders walking up the stairs and tripping. It’s a chilul Hashem to embarrass someone like that and don’t you think it’s kind of childish to make fun of someone like that because you don’t agree with their political views. As a Jew I’m disgusted by this.

  2. this is so obviously fake news, fake video, deep fake video, right wing propaganda. maybe even Q anon manufactured.

    otherwise, it would be on nearly constant-loop roll by the entirety of the news media

  3. Why could no one help out, whether an old person who trips, but definitely the president!!! should be helped out at a time of struggle!!! What happened to basic respect, never mind the salute!