Update for Students Traveling from Israel


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As reported by Chaim V’Chessed, on Thursday, April 15, authorities halted permission for students to enter Israel. This change has caused considerable difficulty for students currently in Israel wishing to travel abroad. These individuals are hesitant to leave Israel, out of fear that they will not be able to return.

The decision has caused even greater consternation for students who found themselves abroad at the time of the sudden announcement. Chaim V’Chessed has been contacted by students stuck in countries around the globe, who left Israel for short visits abroad in recent days, and who are now prevented from returning. These callers have included parents with small children back in Israel, husbands whose wives are in labor, and others with urgent need to return to Israel.

Due to the intensive efforts of Rabbi Nechemya Malinowitz of the Igud, a process has now been established for students currently in Israel who must travel abroad but who plan to return to Israel. Prior to travel from Israel, students must appear in person at Misrad HaPnim to receive a permit to return to Israel. Bring copies of your passport and visa. You must also fill out these forms, show proof of insurance, and a flight ticket to Israel. Lastly, you must bring your teudat chisun or michtav machlim. A Green Passport is not sufficient. It is crucial that this application be made prior to travel.

A process has also been developed to allow students stuck abroad to return to Israel. This process is more complicated and will hopefully be streamlined in coming days. Students in this situation must contact their institution, who will initiate an application on their behalf.

We will issue updates as soon as there are further developments.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)