Florida House Votes To Approve Hatzalah of South Florida, Bill Heads To Senate For Monday Vote


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The following statement was given to YWN by Hatzalah of South Florida:

חֽ ְסֵ֤די יְהוָה כּי לא ת ְמנוּ כּי לא־כ֖לוּ רחָמֽיו

We are pleased to announce the passage of HB805 in the Florida House of Representatives earlier today. This brings us one more giant step forward towards being able to serve our communities as a full fledged EMS provider.

הוא ברוך הקדוש, In His Infinite Kindness, has shown us open miracles during this entire process – too many to count.

We take this opportunity to publicly thank His messengers in the Legislature, the bill sponsors and the representatives who stood for what they know to be just and right against tremendous opposition and pressure to vote in favor of this bill. We are proud to call each one of them our friends.

Representative Michael Caruso
Representative Lawrence McClure
Representative Christopher Benjamin
Representative Jason Fischer
Representative Dotie Joseph
Representative Daisy Morales
Representative Scott Plakon
Representative Michelle Salzman
Representative Clay Yarborough
Representative Josie Tomkow
Representative Daniel Perez

We especially thank Representative Caruso for his courage in accepting to sponsor this bill from the beginning and for his hard work and dedication in seeing it through to final passage.

The Jewish communities of South Florida owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of these hard-working and dedicated public servants. Please take a moment to call their office to show הטוב הכרת and thank them for their support.

Hatzalah of South Florida

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)