The Munkatcher Rebbe, and Many Other Orthodox Jewish Leaders and Groups Throw Their Support Behind Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams


(By Yehudit Garmaise)

While some Boro Park groups have voiced their support for Andrew Yang for mayor of New York City, many other Jewish leaders, mosdos, and askanim, not just from Boro Park, but from Williamsburg, Staten Island, Far Rockaway, and Queens continue to generate a tsunami of enthusiasm and full-hearted support for mayoral candidate Eric Adams based on the community’s previous interactions with the Brooklyn borough president and its gratitude for Adam’s loyalty to the Jewish community.

Last week, mayoral candidate Eric Adams visited many local mosdos and then with the Munkatcher Rebbe, with whom he has met many times, to continue to discuss the issues facing the Jewish community and to receive the Rebbe’s blessings as he runs for mayor of New York City.

The Munkatcher Rebbe, who is the oldest rebbe in Boro Park, provided Adams not only with blessings, but with his endorsement, by explaining that “Hakorus hatov is a middah that make us unique as a Jewish people.”

“We have to have hakaros hatov for Eric, not only because of what he is going do in the future as mayor of New York City, but for what he has done for us in the past,” the Munkatcher Rebbe said. “Adams, who always shows that he supports the interests of our community, has been tested. Adams has always been on the right side of politics. We know him.”

In addition, the Munkatcher Rebbe paid tribute to Adams’ more than 37 years of public service in both the NYPD and in New York City politics. In 1984, Adams started his 22 serving as an officer in the New York City Transit Police, where he retired as a captain in 2006, before going on to serve the public in the New York State Senate and serving as Brooklyn’s Borough President since 2013.

“All of Adams years of public service help him to understand the public safety needs of the community,” the Munkatcher Rebbe pointed out.

Adams also continuously meets with local mosdos to answer their questions on security, education, and vouchers.

“We trust Eric Adams,” say many mosdos, who are very happy to speak with and work with Adams on a regular basis. “He has a proven record,” Chanina Sperlin, who is the executive vice president of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Governmental Affairs.

“He is not a new kid on the block,” agreed Rabbi Mayer Melnick, who is a prominent Ger askan.

Last night, many Boro Park philanthropists and askanim such as Moshe David Niederman, who is the executive director of United Jewish Organizations, Chaim Dovid Zweibel of Agudah, Leon Goldenberg from Agudah, Berish Frielach, a senior askanim, Yercham Silber, Rabbi Pesach Lerner, D.Adm., the founder and director of The YIEP: Yeshiva Initiatives Educational Programs, and many others also showed their support for Adams by attending a fundraiser in his honor that was held at a private Boro Park home.

“Eric Adams is the biggest friend the Jewish community had on all the issues,” said Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, who is the executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America. “For the Jewish community, Adams always has had an open ear and an open phone. We can call him, and we can count on him.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Interesting that the article earlier today regarding endorsements for Andrew Yang, has Chaim Friedman listed as representing Munkatch. Yet the rebbe is endorsing Eric Adams. What’s the deal? Same question regarding the Satmar reps…

  2. I don’t belong to any of the mosdos endorsing Adams or Yang. But I really can’t figure out the Yang Endorsement. What has Yang done for anyone let alone for our community that he deserves such a wide sweeping endorsement? Adams at least has a track record. Personally I’ll probably vote for curtis Sliwa.

  3. Slabodka: Could be difficult for a straight talking Litvak to understand such things. Put on a shtreimel and bekishe, and try again.

    Hint: Munkatch (and other Hasidic sects) put on a Purim shpiel yearly.

  4. the yang endorsement is simple , they are young machers and simply see him as the front runner and want to endorse early
    this group is more senior askanim they feel the message to other politicians is if you were good to us we will back you

  5. ah yid: Yang has promised to support the Yeshivos against the Jewish antisemites who are trying to force a curriculum down their throats.

  6. anyone present at the meeting that can verify Rav Zweibel’s words as this seems out of character for the rav personally or the Agudah to endorse, ever.

  7. what is cheit haegel , it is the pursuit of anything or anyone , which the jewish people thought would represent them , its a sad day when ” askanim” which in itself is a joke of a word will have anyone represent them to obtain funding , its pathetic