NY Post Endorses Eric Adams For NYC Mayor


The NY Post on Monday morning threw their heavyweight support behind Eric Adams in the race for NYC Mayor.

The Post says they believe that Adams, is the candidate with the best chance of fixing the city.

Some points from the Post:

  • Having been a police officer for 22 years, Adams understands the crisis. He articulates a clear, firm and common-sense route to cleaning up our streets. While Adams has been a fierce critic of the NYPD, he does not believe in defunding the police. Adams would reinstate an anti-crime unit to crack down on guns and gangs.
  • He’d also push Albany – where he served as a state senator – to reform the no-bail law to allow for judges’ discretion to lock up dangerous, recidivist criminals.
  • While so many Democrats rail against charter schools, Adams knows that they provide a life-changing opportunity for poor minority kids – and a living challenge to our public schools to improve. He has pledged to push the state to raise the charter school cap.