FLIP FLOPPING YANG: Former Amb. Israel David Friedman SLAMS Andrew Yang For His “Apology” For Standing With Israel


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NYC Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang got himself into a real mess the past 48 hours.

It started with a tweet with his support for Israel on Monday night:

“I’m standing with the people of Israel who are coming under bombardment attacks, and condemn the Hamas terrorists. The people of NYC will always stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel who face down terrorism and persevere.”

But on Tuesday, Yang was accosted by a group of pro-Palestinian protesters while conducting a press conference, who demanded to know why he didn’t support Palestinians.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat who has condemned the “occupation of Palestine,” called Mr. Yang’s statement “utterly shameful,” noting that it came during Ramadan.

AOC wrote: “Utterly shameful for Yang to try to show up to an Eid event after sending out a chest-thumping statement of support for a strike killing 9 children, especially after his silence as Al-Aqsa was attacked.”

She added, “But then to try that in Astoria? During Ramadan?! They will let you know.”

Apparently, Yang couldn’t handle the social media campaign, or, he simply doesn’t REALLY support Israel. So on Wednesday morning, flip-flopping Yang released a statement singing a totally different tune, and apologized to Palestinians.

But the social media smackdown continued on Wednesday night, when Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman fired off a tweet slamming Yang:

“Oh please. Did you really need to apologize for standing with Israel against anti Semitic, misogynistic, homophobic terrorists and thugs. When did that become so controversial? If I still lived in NY you would have lost my vote with this mea culpa.”

The Boro Park Mosdos recently endorsed Yang as well as three Orthodox Jewish prominent elected officials, including NYC Councilman Kalman Yeger, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, and Assemblymember Daniel Rosenthal.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why would anyone endorse anyone else for Mayor so early…if not for personal interests. What’s wrong with these Frum people? There is no one running for mayor with any decent moral compass?

  2. He’s totally untrustworthy. He ran in the democrat primaries for president. Check out the debates. He has no courage. Will be another deblasio. Any of of the chassidic groups that endorse him or any of the democrats will be responsible for another deblasio as they were for the previous 8 yrs.

  3. Proving again my point:
    I could not understand why (some) leaders in the Brooklyn community would support this guy when he has no record with the community, he will say whatever you want to hear from him, and then he’ll take it back, then you have Adams who has a 22 year record and you know what he stands for.
    Tell Eichenstein and Co. to drop this guy or that they will regret every minute they spent with him on the campaign trail when his true colors will show.

  4. Shame on you yang.you will do everything just to get another vote. So scared from social media pressure. In that’s not what we need in ny. It’s time for us to understand that yang is nice as long he doesn’t get critic from others “so you lost my vote”

  5. Well this was obviously expected. But on the other hand how can you blame him he probably lost everyone’s vote with that comment. It is liberal NYC after all. But I guess at some point people will have to be able to stand up for the side they feel is right without being forced to retract statements.

  6. Didn’t Expect different. Maybe Eric Adams is more predictable? And what if AOC says the education of our Yeshivos is also “shameful”- what will Yang do then????

  7. Isn’t yang the idiot who said he will give everyone $1000 at check? (buying votes in the open, and who calls for him? Fools from Brooklyn

  8. Eric Adams got a switch vote from me.

    Not because what Yang said in his ‘apology’ is so bad, but he obviously has no backbone.

  9. I don’t know why everyone is getting all bent out of shape. All he said was he feels bad when people are dying from either side. He didn’t apologize for his previous statement.

  10. YWN, thanks for posting Yang’s statement in full! I do not see any reversal in his statement. In fact, he has a hutzpa to repeat of his “support of a people” … It is a classical “non-apology apology”, like “I am so sorry you got offended” and not “I am sorry that I said it”.

    He gets my vote as long as NY does not ask for an ID! In fact, I would be interested how his $10,000 per person work in NYC before we risk the whole country as he wanted a year ago. It is an attractive idea – letting people control their finances even if they are low on funds instead of creating government jobs to control them. Akin to school vouchers in effect. Could work well for kollel learners. Will pay for summer camp for 6 kids!

  11. Andrew Yang lost my vote.

    Don’t apologize for doing nothing wrong.
    Don’t let the mob rule.
    Don’t agree that it’s somehow wrong to say that is real can defend themselves.

  12. People from BP putting their interests ahead of jews and picking the wrong candidate? Where have we seen this before? Let’s see de blasio, Cuomo, etc.

  13. he changes his mind for everyone.

    first he was anti circumsision, then he changed his mind (also in an apology) and said he was pro. He also said at first yeshivas should be inspected, and then he was asked about yeshivas again, and simcha eichenstien had to answer otherwise he would say something stupid. he then said that if people from yeshivas are successful, we dont need to do anything. now, he apologized for being pro israeli. hes the type of person who would listen to any stupid blm protest, and would defund the police, apologize to the people who asked him to defund them and regretted it, and then refund them

  14. Eric Adams actually doesn’t seem too had of a choice. He does have a lot of experience with the Jewish residents and seems like a fair level headed guy.

  15. so some far leftists like AOC criticized him so he backed down from what he said…just like someone else said here in the comments…what if AOC criticizes our yeshiva system…will he also back down and do everything she wants?… lost my vote.

  16. AOC is 100% right if Andrew Yang wants to get votes in Queens he needs to condemn Israel like this he will get more Arab votes


    the Jews Half of them are self hating Jews self hating Israel like Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer
    the other Quarter of orthodox Jews hates is Israeli government because of religious beliefs so they also don’t give a damn about it the other quarter will just follow what our leaders are saying to vote for

    So we’re going to be left with 10 people like David Freeman and Ben Shapiro Who will condemn Andrew Yang and will not vote for him!!

    Did Simcha Eichenstein and the other jewish representatives came out with a condemn against Andrew Yang??? They also don’t wanna lose Jewish votes

    So bottom line AOC is right

  17. Yang obviously thought he had a good chance at becoming the next Mayor. Someone told him that it is true that the Jews control the world and that if you want to cement your chance of winning the election, you should promise them the world, have them back you and sit back and relax. Then came the last opinion polls which showed Adams way ahead. So others told him to drop the Jews quickly. As he is a simple man with no principles, he told the Jews to go to hell. The Jews problem is that they need people who have no backbone and can be bought. The people of New York need a real leader. Yang is a nobody, not a leader.

  18. maybe the yang supporters know something you dont .. the young machers feel mit yang ken men gein tzum tish un machen seder
    the older askanim feel hakaras hatov to adams un mit em zizt men SHOIN biym tish
    so whoever wins yidelech vet zein beim tish/ shisel

  19. I support Adams, BUT if people read carefully, Yang was doing a very backhanded “Apology”. It was a “Sorry-not-Sorry” statement. He says he “support[s] a people”, obviously meaning Israel. It seems more like an acknowledgement that just because he supports Israel doesn’t mean he thinks that being in a situation that forces them to attack Arabs is a good thing. That doesn’t mean he thinks is Israel is wrong, he might blame Hamas for causing the situation. AOC is just too thick to read between the lines. Don’t be like AOC. It’s especially telling that he didn’t even bring up her “points” about Ramadan. It seems like he’s trying to undermine her, by taking advantage of her stupidity, and making her think he gave in. I may not support him for mayor, but that’s a valid strategy, and good for him!

  20. To add to my previous statement: Reading between the lines, we can see him as being opposed to AOC’s comments, and being snarky to take advantage of her stupidity, which, given that if we treat political jockeying as “war”, makes sense, since a wise man of the same heritage said “All war is based on deception”, and advocated taking advantage of an opponent’s mental state to feign weakness.

  21. The only reason to support yang is that he looks like he will win the race. So you want to be on his side. Other wise it make no sense to give the Jewish vote to someone who doesn’t have experience in the state of ny and will do anything the left will pressure him to do. When i think about him he reminds me from Biden a weak person that does whatever they tell him to do

  22. He could have used the opportunity to call a spade a spade. Yes it is sad when innocent Arabs die. But say who caused their deaths! Every single child that dies is a direct result of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. If he or the President can not say that without fear it means they have no moral compass. He had an opportunity to stand up against the squad. He did not need to lose any Muslim votes by calling out the evil where it is.
    I find it odd that no one responses to people like AOC by asking them straight out “What do YOU suggest Israel should do?”

  23. They felt my tweet was overly simplistic

    No, you moron, your original tweet was not at all simplistic. There’s nothing complex about Jew-hatred, and that is all this is about. They were Hitler’s allies, and ever since his defeat they’ve been trying to carry on his work.

    All people want to be able to live in peace. We all want that for ourselves and our children. […] Again most everyone simply wants to be able to live and pray in peace.

    That is not true, and that is the whole problem. The Jews want peace. The Arabs don’t. If they wanted peace they could have it; all they need to do is stop killing us. They fight because they want war.

    Since the beginning of this conflict, over 100 years ago, one thing has always been true: If the Arabs lay down their arms there will be peace; if the Jews lay down their arms there will be a Holocaust.

    And it’s not just the leadership. The public enthusiastically support their leadership in this. Hamas gained power in Gaza by election, and if Abbas hadn’t cancelled the election that was due now Hamas would have won it too.

    Whatever complaints they have against this or that leader, it never has to do with their aggression against the Jews. On the contrary, they wish their leaders did more against the Jews. They just wish they didn’t steal so much money for themselves. They want honest nazis in power rather than corrupt ones; but if they can’t find honest ones then corrupt ones are still better than leaders who aren’t nazis.

  24. There is no “reading between the lines”. The lines are explicit. He supports both sides equally, and thus condemns both sides equally. He says both sides are equally innocent and thus equally guilty, as if the war was something imposed on them from the outside.

  25. Why is everyone going crazy on yang he never said anything against Israel or pro Palestine all he did was condemn violence on both sides

  26. I guess it’s still better that the first statement was pro Israel and the second one partially walked it back, then to have it the other way around. The question is: Does Eric Adams have more backbone and is more sure about his support of Israel than Yang is? Or is it simply that Yang was put on the spot and scrutinized more due to his national name recognition? I guess these people will always be pandering and flip flopping, as it’s almost impossible to be a politician without any of that garbage. The only question is what his default beliefs are, pro-Israel but try not to lose the Muslim vote, or anti-Israel, with some effort to still get the Jewish vote.