Police Have Investigated 17 People Regarding Meron Tragedy


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It is unclear whether a formal governmental inquiry committee will be established to investigate the Meron tragedy until a new government can be formed. However, a police investigation is ongoing and according to a statement made by a police spokesperson on Sunday, the police have already investigated 17 people who were involved in the tragedy.

According to the statement made: “The national police of Israel are continuing the investigation into the cause of the tragedy that killed 45 people and injured dozens of others.”

The investigation is being handled by the National Economic Crime Fighting Unit which is a subsection of Lahav 433, Israel’s version of the FBI. Materials from the site have been collected as well as other items being used for evidence. Seven search and seizure operations were conducted in various locations, and thus far 17 people have been questioned, among them are 11 suspects and 6 others who provided testimony. All of those investigated have been released, but some of them are conditional.

Kikar HaShabbat news site has stated that thus far the police are just conducting checks and have not yet investigated any police officer or official.

Previously, members of the Yesh Atid party demanded a governmental inquiry, but the demand was not passed after the Chareidi parties, Likud, and other members of the right-wing political parties walked out of the Knesset and refused to even vote on the issue.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Interesting the police were not investigated after the chief himself said the police was taking responsibility. Unfortunately there is no irony here

  2. Real question:- How shall new regime of bennett & lapid {if Heaven Forbid such a coalition comes to fruition} impact this entire saga of investigation & next year Lag b’Omer planning etc?

  3. what new insights can an investigation tell us . that we dont know already
    1. that the place was way overcrowded – we know
    2. that because of friday & post covid it was even more concentrated than usual- we know
    3. that a medical emergency blocked one exit – we know
    4. that it was slippery , dark & downhill , w/o a good banister – we know that too
    5 finally that once they opened the barricades .. the floodgates rushed forth like the break of a damm and rachmono litzlon….