Four Jewish Men Charged With Terrorism After Being Accused of Stabbing an Arab in Jerusalem


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On Sunday, prosecutors filed charges against four Jewish men who were accused of stabbing an Arab man in Machane Yehuda market two weeks ago. the Arab was seriously wounded in the incident.

The Arab victim is 25-years-old and was working at a burger restaurant when he was stabbed ten times by his assailants. He was rushed to Shaare Zedek hospital where doctors found that one of the stab wounds punctured his liver and lung. After recovering, the man was released and was said to be in good condition.

The identities of the assailants have been kept under a gag order, which is something the police often do in cases that are deemed sensitive. Three of the defendants were arrested by the Shin Bet and the police in a joint operation. The men were charged with terror and attempted murder. The fourth man was charged with terror and deliberate grievous bodily harm.

The suspects’ lawyer, Adi Keidar, who works for Honenu said that the defendants were being treated harshly by their Shin Bet interrogators.

According to the prosecution, three of the defendants joined a procession of right-wing extremists that marched from the center of town to Sheikh Jarrah where they were stopped by the police. The defendants then returned to the downtown area, met the fourth defendant, and proceeded to find the victim, who worked at a nearby restaurant, passed by as he went to take out the trash. They then engaged the Arab man in conversation to make certain that he was an Arab and then shot pepper spray at him and beat him while he tried to escape. One of the defendants then began to stab the victim in the back while the others hit him.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I condemn all violence against innocent people. I understand the Israeli Jews who are riled up and fed up and want to take revenge against Arabs for the violent acts they are inflicting upon them, but what is the point of taking an innocent person, even if he is an Arab, and stabbing him?