“I AM ALIVE AND WELL”: Nasrallah Releases New Video Promising Regional War If Jerusalem is Touched


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Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah released a video on Tuesday in response to growing rumors that his health was failing. The rumors began after the last video he publicized that showed him coughing and having difficulty speaking.

Israeli intelligence believed Nasrallah was suffering from the coronavirus during the previous video, which was released last month.

The videotaping took place in his hiding place and was the first video that Nasrallah published since the previous one that showed his deteriorated health issue.

“I thank everyone who cared for me and still hope that we will pray together in Jerusalem,” the terrorist leader said.

“I thank all the people who cared for me, who sent me honey and distributed bread. Some people said I was dead and went into a coma. They have already started looking for a replacement for me. Many people said that they were worried about me, but also that they love me. I am proud of your love for me, thank you, and may you be blessed, and rest assured. Life is in Allah’s hands. I am with you and we will continue together until we pray together in Jerusalem.”

“I am staying here and we will continue together,” Nasrallah said in order to reassure his followers.

Nasrallah also said that any attack on Jerusalem would result in an immediate regional war. “We are open to talks with anyone who is willing to be part of this regional equation,” Nasrallah said before he added that the Houthi terrorist group in Yemen was the first body to contact them and announced on Friday that they would act for “the protection of Jerusalem.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)