WATCH IT: Violent Man Randomly Attacks Kosher Pizza Shop In Flatbush, Punches Man In Head [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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A violent man randomly attacked Bash Kosher Pizza in Flatbush, Wednesday afternoon.

Sources tell YWN that the man suddenly entered the establishment, located on Nostrand Avenue and Avenue J, at around 1:00PM. No words were exchanged, when the man began screaming, and randomly throwing tables and chairs.

Frightened people eating lunch quickly barricaded themselves into the store bathroom.

Eventually, a Jewish person in the store threw a chair at the suspect, who then chased him out of the store.  One outside the store, the suspect then attacked a Jewish man, by punching him at least once in the head.

At that point, multiple people jumped on the suspect, and held him down.

The NYPD and Flatbush Shomrim responded immediately after receiving more than a dozen calls, and the suspect was taken into custody. Flatbush Hatzolah was on the scene, and treated the victim who was assaulted. Thankfully, he did not require a hospital.

The Commanding Officer of the 63 Precinct, Captain Genevieve Isom, personally responded to the scene, and made it her business to speak to the group of around 10 women – including an infant and a pregnant woman – who were barricaded in the bathroom for 15 minutes. She calmed them down and ensured everyone that police were taking the matter seriously.

An NYPD source tell YWN that until the suspect was being held down, no anti-Semitic slurs were used. Police are investigating the incident.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. de blasios NYC, not the criminal will claim he has a mental illness, will be let out tonight and of course it wont be a hate crime despite him ONLY attacking Jews. Dont forget de blasio AND Cuomo created this catch and release policy and both of these far left Dems were supported by the “askanim” who now are telling us who to vote for in the mayoral and other primaries from their mansions.

  2. i am so embarrassed to be associated with my Brothers at this moment.

    how can ONE “thing” fight off 20 of us…and not be fatally hurt…

    please explain…

  3. Can’t you all see the perp appears to be mentally ill. I assume we will read tomorrow that he’s been in and out of mental hospital wards.

  4. Stop with the hysteria. Black democrat female, Letitia James, is hard at work combing thru former President Trump’s personal tax return from 1978. There is nothing more frightening and unnerving to the average New Yorker, than those dangerous tax returns. It’s President Trump’s personal tax returns that keep us up at night with recurring nightmares. This black thug attacked innocent white Jews because he was bothered by those lethal deadly, Trump tax returns. Our AG is doing a great great job keeping us all safe.

  5. It would be good to heed the da’as torah of Rav yaakov kamenetzky zt”l, in his explanation of eved avodim when the civil rights movement was in full swing.

    vehamayvin yovin

  6. He definitely looks like he has mental health issues. I’d also take a wild guess that he was high on some drug. So that makes him less dangerous? We should all feel sorry for him & relocate him to a nice apartment in a lovely residential area, paid for by our taxes? BH nobody inside the cafe was hurt and that the punched victim is OK.