Protest in Bnei Brak Over Non-Kosher “Didi-Phone” Cell Store [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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Hundreds of protesters gathered on Wednesday in Bnei Brak in protest against cell phone stores that are operating without being under the auspices of the Va’ad Harabbonim.

A group of Admorim and other Rabbonim spoke at the protest. The majority of the rabbonim sat on a mirpeset (porch) on Rabbi Akiva Street above a cell phone store called Didi Phone. One of the Admorim asked that people do not create a mass protest out of this, and he spoke from his own car.

Police arrived en masse having estimated that 10,000 people would participate in the protest. In the end, only a few hundred arrived in support of the protest.

BeChadrei Charedim reported that over the course of the afternoon, one of the Admorim sent messages via private channels to various community influencers asking them to announce the time and place of the protest and requested that Avreichim in Kollels and Yeshiva students stop studying in order to attend the protest.

During the protest, collections were taken in order to pay for the campaign against the stores. One of the Gabbaim organizing the event carried a large mug and walked among the protesters asking for donations.

The police were on high alert due to the protest and dispatched an entire platoon of Border Police officers who stood around the store in an effort to protect it. Young men attacked the store and succeeded in smashing its windows and damaging merchandise.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. what a “Kiddush Hashem” NOT! people have nothing better to do in middle of the day. This is what the “kollel” guys are getting paid for.

  2. I have trouble understanding the issue?
    Were they forcing people to accept these terrible phones?
    Are people not aware that there are cellphones stores all over Israel?
    How dare they break the glass windows of this shop?
    I am always very careful not to say the wrong thing with charity, never to hurt or misjudge. I did limit charity to an organization when they ransacked a neighboring Shul and yeshiva dorm.

  3. If BCC is correct, there should be a machaa and public fast that an Admor arrange a massive bitul Torah for the purpose of what? If I was allowed to fast, I would

  4. What a chllul Hashem. I would think that in Bnei Brak if the word went out throughout the community to boycott the store that would be more effective than the protest.

  5. with lapid and bennet calling the shots, each act of violence will result in another cut to items hareidim depend on to survive. in due time this will become very clear and hagfanot will be an expensive way to protest.

  6. requested that Avreichim in Kollels and Yeshiva students stop studying in order to attend the protest. Outrageous ביטול תורה. Repugnant & unacceptable to be wasting their time at this protest blocking streets.