Despite Yamina’s Promise, Commission To Examine Religious “Status-Quo”

Chief Rabbi HaRav Yitzchak Yosef meets with new Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana (Yamina).

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The Bennett-Lapid government intends to establish a state commission to change the religious status quo, Yisrael Hayom reported on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that Yamina promised that the religious status quo would remain unchanged by the new government, the commission will consider changes in issues of kashrus, giyur, and public Shemiras Shabbos.

The commission will be established by the Religious Affairs Ministry, headed by Yamina MK Matan Kahana.

Yamina has stated several goals it would like to enact regarding religion and state, including allowing municipal rabbis to establish their own batei din for giyur instead of it being overseen by the Rabbanut only; allowing independent kashrus organizations to provide hechsherim; and making changes to the selection committee for chief rabbis to enable the election of a Dati Leumi chief rabbi in the 2023 election.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I don’t know Israeli politics, but in the US forming a “commission” to “study” something is a political trick to kill an idea. The people who support the idea are satisfied because there’s a commission. The commission takes forever to study something and eventually produces a long report that is ignored.

    An example is Biden’s “commission to study expanding the Supreme Court”. Biden hates the idea. Progressives love it. Making the commission satisfies the progressives and means Biden can safely ignore the issue forever.

    Hopefully, the same happens here.

  2. Why the surprise ???

    Sold his voters down the river

    Why would you think he would not sell
    the rest of us down the river

    Was so proud of his speech telling the ICC “me first” !!!

    Now it seems just the usual politics

    Remember what Pirkay Avos says about government????

    It’s a shame and disgrace that a capul wearing person can join forces with
    Yesh Atid Yisroel Betenoo and worse still Meretz

    The Arabs we know are Eysov it’s the Jewish parties that are MAY ACHI !!!

    It’s time to morn and time for Moshiach

  3. The changes Yamina wants don’t change the status quo between religion and irreligion. They are merely changes within religion, and for the benefit of religion.

  4. How is Matan Kahane b elongs to the same liar chewra of Yamia, like the liar Bennet who promised and is not keeping.Just because the have a kippah schruga does not mean anything.They just wanted to be in the gouverment and they dont care a bout Kashrut, Gerust etc. what a chillul hashem

  5. Milhouse:
    “Religious Zionism” is, unfortunately, a different faith than Judaism.
    The Brisker Rav publicly and in writing called the “RZ” education system “a sea of heresy with a drop of Torah mixed in”.