MAILBAG: Haven’t We Had Enough!


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Haven’t we had ENOUGH?

The Flatbush community has an opportunity to send a new councilmember to City Hall today. The 48th Council District is poised to select a replacement for Chaim Deutsch and political pundits and analysts are watching to see if Flatbush is a neighborhood desiring serious representation or a community willing to be duped by a candidate who resides in neighboring Boro Park. Yes, it’s a very complicated race with multiple candidates. Despite rheotic by some instigators to the contrary, I’m told by our Rov that trusted community Askonim faithfully followed Daas Torah and did not endorse any candidate for this seat.

What the FJCC did do is ask voters to carefully “do their own research” and choose a serious candidate from among the pool of candidates. Be it Mariya Markh, Steve Saperstein or Binyamin Bendet, there are some good choices available to rank on your ballot. The candidates you do choose to rank should ultimately have the temperament and maturity to lead and unify our community, not exploit it for personal gain or notoriety.

The consequences of today’s election couldn’t be higher. Will voters choose a candidate dedicated to the importance of the job, or will people miss this moment and vote for someone unworthy of the position?

To be frank, many including myself have been shocked by the year-long antics of a certain self- promoting, video-producing candidate, running for this seat. I prefer not to name him because it’s not personal however it’s no secret who I’m referring to. After all of the bluster and negativity, rank choice voting gives everyone on the ballot a shot at the seat and so therefore, voters are warned not to make a colossal mistake. I know my children are watching me closely. The candidates we choose send a message to them too. Make your vote a teachable moment. Choose wisely.

We all know how terrifying things have gotten for the Orthodox Jewish community in New York. Indeed, it is a very dangerous time. For so many reasons, Flatbush requires a uniter and not a divider. A firefighter not an arsonist. The candidate chosen to represent our very diverse community requires diplomacy, skill and relationship building. Flame throwers need not apply.

There’s really only one question voters should ask themselves as they cast their ballot, is this the person I want representing our community in City government, yes or no?

It is urgent that everyone vote today. After all, voting lies at the very heart of our democracy. With so many important races on the ballot, every Jewish community across the city will play an important role in the Citywide races.That is a good thing. Understand though just how important every City Council seat is to our future here. With Socialist and progressive candidates on the ballot across the city ,wherever you live, know that your vote today couldn’t be more critical.

Let there be no mistake, our very future here in NYC is to a great degree in our own hands today. It is a moment to show strength in numbers. Let us rise to the challenge.

‎Chaya Golden
Concerned Flatbush resident.

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  1. Vote 4 Heshy
    He will get the job done…….
    And BTW- he is the only candidate that actually has a positive record of getting things done for the community.
    People didn’t like Trump bc of his loud mouth and his mean tweets but look where we are now.
    Vote 4 Heshy and he will stand up aggressively for the community.

  2. One of the candidates has the chutzpah to use a Sheepshead bay address when he complained he was attacked by a BLM supporter outside his Boro Park home. A man can not have an address just for purposes of seeking office.

  3. Mariya Markh worked for de Blasio who supports defunding the police and bail reform, all her endorsements are people that voted for gay marriage and bail reform. NO FRUM ELECTED OFFICIAL IS BACKING HER. Saperstein is endorsed by the police union, Amber Adler is a shomer shabbos woman as is Bendet but he has no appeal to non Jews or non religous. Just like they call Trump crazy they call Tischler crazy but rank him #2 after the law enforcement candidate Saperstein. Dont vote for Markh the de blasio candidate.

  4. Agreed – enough will all the antics of
    One individual.

    Breaking news!!!

    Mayoral and 48/th district news:

    All the news that is fit to print!!!!

    Adams endorses Yang
    Yang endorses Cory
    Cory endorses Uncle T
    Who”s on first – what’s on second

    Flatbush Girl just voted- not for Uncle T.
    Linda – Uncle T”s wife just voted for
    She DID NOT know her husband was
    Preliminary results are in
    1500 votes – in for Uncle T
    All school children between the ages of 9 – 11
    We will keep you posted on the latest
    Race results
    FJDABC coalition for normalacy

  5. “There’s really only one question voters should ask themselves as they cast their ballot, is this the person I want representing our community in City government, yes or no?“

    If people asked that about Trump we wouldn’t have had the best economy in years, the Abraham Accords, USMCA, and the list goes on

    The real question one should ask is “is this the best person to help my community”

  6. I didn’t read the article but why do we have to bashmutz another yid based on what das Torah is this being done? If you are of the opinion that we should not vote for someone then you don’t have to give him a platform and you can promote someone else but why do we have to denigrate another yid.

  7. Ignore those self hated Jew who posted this article.
    Please vote for HESHY Tischler who helped so much the community during COVID
    Who opened the parks ?????????????????????????????

  8. It’s a shame from ywn to talk like this about another Jew. In such a public statement in my eyes this is the same kosher news like ny times just a little worse since this is אסור על פי הלכות לשון הרה

  9. “I didn’t read the article but why do we have to bashmutz another yid based on what das Torah is this being done?”

    Excuse me if we we were interested in Daas Torah there would not be this website in the first place. see rabbi wachsman’s drasha in bmg

  10. I wasn’t going to vote, obviously this article full of lashan hora was sponsored by his opponents who can pay their way on the plain olems back. Enough telling us who to vote for or not for. It was our leaders who told us to vote for Deblasio and Cuomo, what did we plain people get, NOTHING. But the machers did get returns with dividends.
    Enough, stop trying to scare us. I’m going to vote for Tischler out of principle for the machers writing lashon hora articles about him.