MI K’AMCHA YISROEL: Outpouring Of Support For Victims And Families Of Miami Tragedy


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Kll Yisroel has once again risen to the occasion, showing an outpouring of support for those affected by the condo collapse on Collins Avenue in Surfside, Florida.

Despite the bleakness and everyone bracing for the worst, thousands of people have been donating all types of clothing, food, and other items for the hundreds of people displaced by the collapse.

The Bal Harbour Shul has been turned into a command center of relief and Chesed. The attached video (posted below) speaks for itself, and doesn’t even show a small percentage of what is really going on.

Meanwhile, a staggering $671,000 has so far been raised (as of Friday afternoon) through the Chesed Fund, to be distributed to the families of the victims and those needing emergency funds. The fund is overseen by Rabbi Lipsker of The Shul.

Hatzalah of South Florida was on the scene in minutes of the collapse, and has been there since, assisting rescue workers and well and providing support to family members.

Police Chaplain Rabbi Mark Rosenberg and Chesed Shel Emes have been working around the clock with local, state and federal authorities to ensure that all proper Kvod HaNiftarim will be provided should the need arise.

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, director of Chai Lifeline’s Project Chai crisis intervention department, offers practical guidance for speaking to your children following the tragic building collapse outside Miami. www.chailifeline.org/crisis

YWN will continue providing updates as this terrible tragedy unfolds

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