Update From IDF Search Team At Surfside Condo Collapse [VIDEOS & PHOTOS OF IDF TEAM]


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Over the last few days, additional members of the Home Front Command have joined the IDF and Israeli Foreign Ministry delegation in Miami. Joining the delegation were rescuers, engineers and population behavior officers, who are in Miami to reinforce and assist the delegation members who arrived last week.

To assist the effort, the operational analysis team of the Intelligence Directorate’s “Unit 9900”, which specializes in visual intelligence, built a three-dimensional (3-D) model that maps the collapsed building in order to streamline the process of locating the missing persons at the site of the disaster.

The initial delegation arrived at the destruction site in the first 72 hours after the building collapsed. As of today, the Israeli delegation has 15 members at the site. The delegation is helping coordinate two main activities at the scene. The first is to assist the Miami first responders with rescue efforts, aided by the 3-D mapping of the building. The second activity of the delegation is the humanitarian effort, in which IDF officers from the Home Front Command help and support the families of missing persons in the area. The activity of the Home Front Command delegation will continue as long as needed.

At the same time, staff from the Israeli Consulate, headed by the Consul General, are working with local authorities, families and heads of the Jewish community to examine other ways in which the IDF can help, such as offering emotional support for families and for the community at large.

Lt. “N”, Commander of the Intelligence Directorate’s Unit 9900 team involved with the delegation:

“I routinely command a special team in Unit 9900 that builds 3D models for IDF operational activities. In recent days, the Unit’s members have been using advanced technological capabilities to assist the Home Front Command delegation in Miami. We analyzed the collapsed building and built a three-dimensional model of the structure. Our model will allow the Home Front Command delegation to further assist in the rescue efforts and navigate through the rubble more quickly and effectively. We are grateful for the privilege and responsibility to take part in such an important international effort.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)