WATCH THIS: Biden Mental Capacity Questioned – Can’t Answer Question Without Notes


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While the media continues to cover up what is clearly a seriously question about the mental capacity of President Biden, a video from Sunday is ending shockwaves across social media.

President Biden appeared to check his notes after being confronted by the press on whether Russia was behind a recent ransomware attack while he was shopping inside a store in Traverse City, Michigan, on Saturday.

“With the most recent hack by the Russians, would you say that this means – ” a reporter is heard asking about the attack that targeted Miami-based IT software management company Kaseya, before Biden interrupts her to say that they “don’t know” yet if it was the Russians.

“I’ll be in better shape to talk about it – hold on for one second,” Biden said, before taking a piece of paper out of his jacket and putting on a pair of glasses. He said he had just been “briefed” on the hack, but still appeared confused by the inquiry.

Social media critics suggested that the scene again proved that Biden’s mental capacities are in decline, saying he was “confused” and that the clip was “embarrassing,” “pathetic” and “unbelievable.” “Absolute disaster,” another wrote. Others admitted feeling “sorry” for Biden.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. After four or five years of totally ignoring Trump’s significant mental issues and the risks he behavior have posed to our country the management has suddenly have become concerned about Biden’s gaffes and memory loss?

  2. “While the media continues to cover up what is clearly a seriously question about the mental capacity of President Biden, a video from Sunday is ending shockwaves across social media.“

    Thank you for doing the media’s job but did Biden write this?

  3. Certainly there’s no need to worry that he’s the one in power to push that famous nuclear button. He won’t know how to push it until he’s briefed and then he’ll have to find the notes which give the instructions. Hey America, we’re in good shape!

  4. I wander what the surprise is? It happened all the time before democrats and republicans know it very well just not political to talk about it but ITS NO SURPRISE

  5. It took them until
    NOW to
    Question? Where were they all along when he was running and most of us could see he had dementia? Over 30% of surveyed Americans believed he did yet the media hid it this whole

  6. “Did they ever question Trump’s mental capacity?”

    Reb E: Depends on who you mean by “they”. If you are referring to the “social media critics” referenced in the article, I doubt it since “they” are likely as mentally challenged as their hero, given their total denial of what we saw on January 6th and the ongoing circuses in various state capitals questioning the election outcome. I would have thought the editors of this news site would have shown a bit more maturity than a headline saying “watch this” or “watch that”. Very similar to the response you get from the right wing media mob when you ask them about anything Trump does…”what about this or what about that” (in each case referring to actions of some crazies on the left).

  7. The treasonous Marxist America hating DemonRats with the help of their useful idiots and boot lickers of MSM,
    have hoisted on the American people a demented Alzheimer diseased old treasonous hair sniffing pervert.
    We should never forget and forgive them for this.
    Every last one of these rats needs to be vomited out by the electorate in the coming elections.

  8. Chugibugi: We would be glad to launch an online fundraising effort on your behalf so you can afford to hire some new writers. Your childish stream of hyperbolic adjectives for Biden are long stale and no longer even marginally entertaining. In the interim, get yourself a good thesaurus and perhaps consider retaining one or more of the unemployed Trumpkopf speechwriters struggling to feed their families.

  9. As a Jew I am extremely happy we now have an adult – Joe Biden in charge. He will, in good faith, take care of business as it should be done. Think back 6 months ago today…someone else was not thinking what was best for our country. Joe Biden is a good person. Can you look in that same mirror? Peace