Israel Foreign Ministry Worker Arrested After Flying To Iran


An Israeli citizen who was employed by the Foreign Ministry was arrested and interrogated last month after he was suspected of having traveled to Iran, which is against the law. The travel dates took place prior to the beginning of his work in the Foreign Ministry. The incident was permitted to be publicized only this past week.

The majority of the details regarding the case have been placed under a gag order by the court. The incident is being investigated by the special investigation Lahav 433 unit, which is the Israeli version of the FBI. A statement made by the police said: “The unit has undertaken an investigation of an Israeli citizen, a student who was employed by the Foreign Ministry, who is suspected of entering Iran against the law before he began his term of service for the Foreign Ministry.”

As a part of the investigation, it was discovered that the citizen entered Iran and stayed there for a short time. The complex investigation was carried out in conjunction with the District Attorney of Jerusalem.

On June 9th, a magisterial court in Rishon LeZion released the student under special limiting conditions. It is expected that the student will be indicted in the next few days.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)