Will the Israeli Government Use Electronic Bracelets To Enforce Isolation?

(photo credit: SUPERCOM)

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It seems that the Israeli government may begin using technological initiatives such as electronic bracelets to enforce isolation for people returning from abroad.

A memorandum of a proposed bill was circulated by the Health Ministry, according to which, should the government choose to do so, they would be empowered to force all returnees from abroad to wear an electronic bracelet to enforce their compliance with Coronavirus isolation protocols.

According to the proposal, anyone requiring isolation who refuses to wear a device that will report on their whereabouts will be required to spend their isolation time in a Coronavirus isolation hotel.

“It is vital to enforce preventative measures to stop the rise in morbidity, among other methods, by enforcing those who require to be in isolation to do so, whether they were exposed in Israel, or those returning from abroad,” the proposal stated.

“Statistics have shown that the public interest in respecting the regulations surrounding mandatory isolation has dissolved. It is therefore necessary to utilize technological means of enforcement in order to make sure that people are actually staying in isolation.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If the rules make some sense, people will respect them more. I was there earlier in the summer. I came in recovered from COVID, vaccinated, negative PCRs before takeoff and after landing. We jumped through all the legal paperwork hoops to get the Ishur, legitimately. (My daughter had a baby end of June) I also had good positive numbers on the serology taken right away. I was still ordered to Bidud for 6 days until they were able to figure out the paperwork and release. (I was still technically in Bidud when I went to the airport to get the check2fly PCR test for the return trip.)
    I actually got a bit of honesty from a Misrad Habriut fellow when I called to complain how long it was taking for the release. They have two days to respond to the email request to release based on the Serology. After two days they sent me a request for my passport and teudat zehut. I sent the passport pic. Two days later they responded they couldn’t read it, send again. So I finally called to complain that I wouldn’t be able to leave because of all this mishugas. The fellow said, “Well you know we don’t want you Americans coming now!”

  2. I guess all of you that think it’s a good idea … when most of the country took this death jab , now they need to track them, isolate them in concentration camps … doesn’t anyone see what’s coming . I would advise you all to stock up on food , and now I see why so many went along with what the Nazis wanted … because you are doing the same thing now , going along with their lies, believe there is a pandemic, take more vaccines , my goodness , all of you would have gone onto the cattle car cause arbet macht frei. You all thought the vaccine will make you free? So sad how people believe every lie they are told because dr Fauci said so. How long will it take for people to see where they are heading ? It’s all about the new world order and depopulation. So take the jab and let’s see how many survive.
    Rabbis are the ones leading people straight to their death , they are telling people to take the death jab cause it’s so safe . Especially the rabbis from Baltimore, What a bunch of liars . Trying to convince people to take the jab by putting out a propaganda video how safe it is for pregnant people , nursing mothers , and every one else . Did you hear about the baby who had a stroke after the mother took the jab ? The yeshiva boy in
    Flatbush that died after the dose ? All the miscarriages , heart attacks , chest pains , strokes , …how long will people believe the government when they clearly laid out their plan for you . It’s called Lockstep…by the Rockefeller foundation. They want to get rid of you , but you still all believe these liars . I guess people don’t learn from history….