FAUCI UNDER FIRE: Singles Out Hasidic Jews On National TV About Measles Outbreak, No Other Community [SEE THE VIDEO]

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, Pool)

Dr Anthony Fauci infuriated many in the Orthodox Jewish Community after comments he made on “CBS This Morning” regarding “Hasidic Jews who were not getting vaccinated” and caused a measles outbreak in the NYC area.

Fauci was responding to a question about “how close are we to getting back to some sense of normalcy where there are fewer guidelines and we don’t think about the Coronavirus on a daily basis….”

Fauci responded by saying that all depends on how many people get vaccinated to be able to reach heard immunity.

“You have to get to a situation like with measles, like you were like 90 plus percent of people were vaccinated and really got that kind of what we call herd immunity. You know what that number is, because when it gets below that number, you start to see outbreaks, like we saw some time ago in the NYC area with Hasidic Jewish people who were not getting vaccinated.”

Interestingly, those who are furious at Fauci’s comments include both vaxxers and anti-vaxxers.

Why Fauci chose to single out Hasidic Jews, when there were other measles outbreaks, is a question only Fauci can answer.

For example, there were measles outbreaks in the following states – most of which don’t have any “Hasidic Jews”: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee and Washington.

In 2014, there were 667 cases in the U.S., including a large outbreak among Amish communities in Ohio. In 2015, there were 188 cases, including some linked to an outbreak that started at the Disneyland amusement park.

And what about the measles outbreak in Clark County, Washington., in early 2019, which ultimately infected 71 people — mostly children younger than 10 who hadn’t received the measles vaccine.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Can everybody calm down? He was giving an example and an accurate one at that. No one would expect him to list every case of a disease where people got it who were not vaccinated. If we have groups of Jews who are guilty of bringing this upon themselves then we are guilty.
    He is not advocating in this segment forced vaccinations. He is saying if enough people don’t take the vaccine they are at a much higher risk of getting sick.

  2. No Comment on evil and sadly this horrid words will cause great pain and damage____this man is a reckless and meaningless person who should be in Jail__how come his is never sick

  3. He’s 100% correct. The truth hurts. I remember good and well as it was only in April 2019. How so many people came down with the measles then because of anti vaxxers. Just do a simple Google search and you will see what the media wrote about the measles in our community.

  4. Instead of always crying anti-semites, let’s look into our hearts and see what we are doing wrong. Who cares which community he pointed out. He is just stating facts. If you don’t vaccinate, people get sick. Period. So let’s spread the word and leave anti-semitism to Hashem!

  5. as a community we didnt do enough to discredit the anti vax nuts by the measels… most intelligent people looked at them as narcassistic quaks .. and slowly nieve good yidden got swept up in the wind and even some very bright ones … most are too young to know what polio… looked like before the vax
    as a head counselor we had a wonderful rebbi whos 2 yr old had to be rushed on shabbos to columbia on motzei we realized his kid wasnt vaxed and got meningites.. forget about the violation on the camps part we waited a few days for things to settle and unfortunately had to send the rebbi & his fam packing .. for a shtus & tipshes on the wifes part.

  6. A measley thing to say. Anyway, the measles vaccination was developed and promoted by pharmaceutical companies in search of new revenue streams. Until the media blitz that emerged with measles vaccination research, this was never consider an illness to suppress. In fact, its suppression can lead to other, more serious illnesses later in life – this is widely documented.

  7. Look – there were exactly two groups identifiable as such mentioned in this article that suffered measles outbreaks due to their anti-vax position. One was very high profile about it, proudly spewing their views on television. The other was not. Is there any wonder that the former are the ones who came to Dr. Fauci’s mind?
    He stated facts, with no bias or vitriol evident. Certainly, I would have been happier if he hadn’t chosen this example. But it is a real one – and that is not Fauci’s fault.
    With so many real incidents of anti-Semitism in the world, plastering this as a bolded headline smacks to me of the boy who cried wolf.

  8. Yes, he should not have called Jews out, however, Jews did have an outbreak because they weren’t getting vaccinated. “Others also had an outbreak” – True but let us not forget we did too, lets own up to it and ask how we can improve our image. Why should we give the world an excuse to single us out, we should know better and be better.

  9. Read the new book “ The real Anthony Fauci”
    It’ll tell you all you need to know about the kind of vermin this man is
    Anti Semitic is the least of it

  10. Unfortunately many frum yiden/chassidim feel that Hashem will protect them so vaccinations, masks, social distancing are not important even though many have passed away and gave their families grief and they had shortened lives. Now they’ll be well in Ganeidim. Even measles and other diseases that now have vaccinations are skipped. Don’t complain about a goy that wants to help you. The out break in the recent passed started in Monsey and hurt alot of people.

  11. The problem with Fauci is that his comments are never based on facts . Plenty of people that got the measels in NYC when the outbreak occurred were actually vaccinated. The outbreak we had was a different more powerful strain. So this guy needs to shut up and just retire . This has nothing to do with Anti Semitism the man iis a crook and a liar

  12. And who died from the measles? This “epidemic” (and I assure you the vast majority of cases were not reported or documented) is only a proof that measles is not dangerous, just as corona . If you are at risk, you are welcome to take the vaccine, but let everyone do their own risk assessment.

  13. Fauci is a murderer, he aided and funded gain of function and even predicted about a coming pandemic in 2017 so he likely had a hand in the Wuhan “leak”. It is astounding that people can take his words seriously and throw their brothers and sisters under the bus. The majority of Chasidism were vaccinated and a few weren’t. If you look around instead of bashing your own people all the time, you’ll see millons of unvaccinated in the US. My family and I were vaccinated against measles but it wouldn’t occur to me to bash my own people for practicing their constitutional right, one of the many rights the government is trying to steal from the American people.

  14. The measles outbreak in the frum communities in the NYC metro area were the most widely reported and publicized episodes in the media and the one that most people remember. Fauci may sometimes talk without thinking through the PR aspects of his words but he has ZERO anti-semitic sentiments.

  15. If he wants to give an example of a group that suffered from the ill effects of not vaccinating are Chasidim the only group he can find? Are there no other groups that had ill effects from not vaccinating? Because if there aren’t then it weakens the whole proof he is bringing and if there are why did he single them out?

    There are no major Chasidish groups that tell their followers not to vaccinate

  16. Jews had outbrake because we hire cheepest cleaning, cooking and construction help, many of whom are fresh from third world countries with no medical records and are sick with who knows what!

  17. It says shomer psoyim Hashem. It doesn’t say shomer reshaim Hashem. Accordingly, people who don’t vaccinate (for measles and covid among others) bc they believe it will harm them, are foolish but not malicious, and must be better educated.

    People who pretend that they are “experts” to profit off this nonsense should get at least as much pain and suffering as they cause. These are the most evil of actors.

    And people who think that they are young and have no responsibility to society to be slightly inconvenienced, are just selfish. I doubt that falls under the category of “pesi”. Vehamayvin yovin.

  18. for people that do not understand the outrage,
    If a government official would ever blame a minority community by name they would get a lot of pushback no difference if it is shootings or anything else. Politicians would use politically correct terms, or not bring it up, the fact that he felt comfortable to blame JEWS for bringing a contagious virus to the U.S and spreading it is a BIG problem and has to be stopped at its core before attacks get physical, like drawing a red line around our neighborhoods and closing it down like NYS had last year, and if we left the red getto to go to the doctor cleary wearing a mask we were yelled after with accusations of spreading the virus.

  19. Thank you, hypecut.

    Since Fauci brought it up, a real journalist might have asked him:
    1. What percentage of those who got measles suffered any serious effect from it?

    Likely answer: 0%.

    2. How many of those who got Measles during that outbreak were actually already “inoculated”/vaccinated, as someone pointed out above?

    Likely answer: 90%+.

    3a. What are the known (i.e. the ones to which they’ll admit) risks in taking any vaccine, including the MMR, that might cause this small sub-group of people (who also happen to be insular, not “cultural”, and therefore not exposed to others) to choose to not take that Measles shot?

    3b. How do the above risks compare to the risks in getting the disease against which the vaccine is intended to protect?

    Likely answer to the above: they were right.

  20. Fauchi Under Fire? From whom? The people at YWN? Nobody even knows he said this! Nobody cares either.

    Unfortunately had he said it about the blacks, or the Muslims, there would have been hell to pay No one really cares about this or knows about it other than the yentas over here.

  21. Shame on the Erev Rav Jews who are excusing Fauci’s anti-Semitism.
    The fact that the example chosen was specifically from the Jews despite all of the other examples he could have used. And the fact that he didn’t even give one additional example proves that he is an anti-Semite.
    I wouldn’t want to be the neighbors of these types of people they are so ignorant or simply self hating Jews or impersonating Jews. They would have agreed with Hitler picking on the Jews in the beginning before things got worse.

  22. Fauci is a liar, he is as well inciting Hatred not much different than Hitler, you are all insane to think differently, he is a little bee putting this information into the heads of the world and you JEWS above are insane to think differently

    gosh where did you dimwits go….DAVEN TO HASHEM DAVEN LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER BEFORE__

  23. the problem here is that this fake DR. has a long record of lies, and misleading, and personal interest in this agenda, he has no interest in helping us ,,,,, but until now YWN and others were applauding him for his so called great work and congratulated every stupid/fake statement he said… until now when he touched our nerve,,,,
    do your self a favor and learn a little more about this man and how he is being secured and protected by the media,,,,
    we can not trust him and can not value his opinion as he has only personal interest