SHOCK VIDEO: Taliban Fly US Black Hawk Chopper With Body Hanging From It


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A video of Taliban piloting one of the several Black Hawk helicopters left behind by US forces in Afghanistan has gone viral on the internet. A person can also be seen hanging from the helicopter in the video.

Many western reporters posted this video on Twitter, claiming that the Taliban killed a man and hoisted him from a US military helicopter patrolling the Kandahar area.

The man’s identity is unknown, there is speculation that he worked for the United States as an interpreter. That, however, has yet to be confirmed. It’s also unclear whether the individual was alive or dead.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The Taliban have no interest other than killing. There is an alternate version going around to the YWN story. This is that the man was an interpreter for the American forces. He was found strung up and given a helicopter ride then the line was cut close to where he lived and he was dropped to his grisly death.

  2. An alternate to the alternate is that this wasn’t a body at all; it was a Taliban fighter in a harness being flown by an Afgan pilot. They were trying to hang a Taliban flag but it didn’t work out in the end. Pictures show the man waving to the crowds below.

  3. Why are you shocked? Have you been living in cave for the last 50 years and just came out?

    Biden might be shocked, just as Chamberlain was when Germany seized all of Czechoslovokia (though in all fairness, Chamberlain then put Britain on a “let’s get ready for war” footing).

  4. It has already been clarified that the hanging man was in a harness and can be seen in some footage waving to people below him, He was apparently attempting to install a Taliban flag. The helicopter has the insignia of the Afghan airforce, not the American military. But of course, unsatiated claims of the hanging of interpreters makes for more sensationalist “journalism”

  5. @akuperma I’m not shocked that the Taliban would do such things or that YWN is reporting on it. I’m shocked that YWN chose to post such a gruesome video. This is disgusting!!