Following Recent Incidents – Important Alert From Flatbush Shomrim About Baby Sitters, Nanny’s And Home Help


Flatbush Shomrim is alerting the community to be aware of those you are trusting with your children. There have recently been a number of troubling incidents with hired help involving the children they were watching.

One shocking incident in the past 24 hours involved a woman allegedly hitting a 1-year-old child in a public park.

Thankfully, the parents were able to take appropriate action thanks to the fast work of Flatbush Shomrim volunteers.

Another incident in the past few days involved a cleaning lady stealing thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry.

Flatbush Shomrim implores people to properly vet your help at home, and make sure you have working cameras both inside and outside your homes.

YWN has learned that the attached photo is a woman who was fired by a local family after an allegedly disturbing incident with a young child. Please be aware before hiring help in your homes, and make sure they provide good references. These people are being trusted with your children.

If you see anything suspicious, please call 911 and the Flatbush Shomrim 24 hour emergency hotline at 718-338-9797.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why is anyone leaving ‘ thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry’ in an unsecure place? If you can afford the jewelry and have that kind of cash laying around buy a darn safe.

  2. Since the venerated גדול הדור HoDav אביגדור הכהן Miller זצקללה”ה already addressed this most pertinent & serious issue, head on, over 2 decades ago, which I heard directly מפיו הקדוש, there is so absolutely absolutely nothing that Flatbush Shomrim could possibly add to his directives.

  3. Amil Zola is half right. Why would parents leave their precious children whose worth cannot even be counted with someone they don’t know very well?

  4. In general, only Jews should be hired, when needed, as aides or nannys for another reason as well. It’s profoundly embarrassing and avak chillul Shabbos to have nannys taking pictures of all the kids in playgrounds on shabbos. absurd.

  5. BS”D
    Babysitters is a compound word.
    Nanny’s refers to something that belongs to a nanny.
    The plural of nanny is nannies.
    Schools used to teach this in the second grade.

  6. I continue to be astonished at the frequency with which I see Jewish children in Boro Park being babysat at the park by non-jewish women. What are these parents thinking?? Would they trust these people with a hundred dollar bill? I watch with disgust as these women share food and germs with these kids and I just don’t understand…

  7. To all those pontificating about the need to get a Jewish housekeeper and babysitter- THEY’RE UNICORNS. Where I live (in a well-respected community in the tri-state area) you can’t find anyone frum to do housekeeping. Babysitting, maybe- at an astronomical cost. If someone needs to work to pay bills, what exactly are they supposed to do? And don’t give me the “if you can afford a housekeeper you shouldn’t be working” schmooze- the non-Jews who ARE willing to do the work, cover both at once. So the kids are watched, and the bathrooms get cleaned and the laundry folded while the electricity can stay on and food can be found in the fridge thanks to both parents being out and working. Otherwise, Mommy comes home worn out from a long day and has very little “left in the tank” to keep a functioning home. Yes, you need cameras; yes, hide valuables; yes, vet the help as best as possible and try to only get someone who’s recommended by someone you trust. Absolutely. But unless YOU want to come clean my house and take care of my little ones while we’re out trying to cover the costs of life, please refrain from suggesting something that is simply non-existent.