WATCH: Fauci Has Authoritarian-Like Message To “Give Up” Your Rights, And Take Vaccine

(Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP, File)

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American physician Dr. Anthony Fauci delivered a strong message to Canadians who are unwilling to get vaccinated because they believe it violates their charter rights.

Speaking at a McGill University lecture on October 1, Dr. Fauci said a pandemic is one of the scenarios where certain individual rights need to be given up for the greater good of society.

He said, “I think what people have to appreciate is that indeed you do have personal liberties for yourself and you should be in control of them.

“But you are a member of society and as a member of society, reaping all the benefits of being a member of society, you have a responsibility to society, and I think each of us, particularly in the context of a pandemic that’s killing millions of people, you have got to look at it and say there comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision.”

(Source: Narcity)


  1. All for the greater good. The new world order is in full effect. But keep calling it a conspiracy. An ostrich buries it’s head in the ground in times of distress. A lot of good that does for it.

  2. Sounds very reasonable. Half of all sichose mussar are this —
    sometimes you need to do something to benefit the tzibbur even if you would have preferred not to. Not rocket science.

  3. This is how Hitler got into power. Convincing the people that you need to give up rights and be subservient to leaders and fall for their beliefs

    Hitler 1936 ALL OVER

  4. I agree with Dr. Fauci. The vaccines have proven to be safe and effective and those currently overwhelming hospitals and near death are the unvaccinated.

  5. Canadian and American citizens already “give up their rights” with respect to vaccination requirements for a number of other diseases. Now that the Covid vaccines have full FDA authorization from Health Canada, there really is no excuse (although that won’t stop the anti-vaxers from spinning their meshugaas).

  6. Are you woke yet??
    Are you realizing where this is heading?
    It was never about the lockdowns
    The masks
    The vaccines
    It was always about control
    The virus is not going anywhere
    Israel will attest to that
    So will all the other highly vaccinated places with huge surges
    What’s the point of forcing a non working vaccine on people?
    It doesn’t protect the people around them
    At best it might protect the recipient for the few short months it actually works
    So this is not about protecting those around you
    Science doesn’t say so- only Fraudci

  7. This filthy treasonous sewer rat funded the Wuhan laboratory that released this deadly pandemic that killed over two million human beings.
    This filthy DemonRat needs to be put on trial for mass murder, when found guilty, hang the rat

  8. What a chutzpah. I will continue to resist infringements on my freedom by texting while drunk and driving. Why should I listen to some Ityalian doctor from Brooklyn who actually knows what he is talking about, when we all know that folks who take Ivermectin (with zinc) immediately after being hit by a drunk texting driver results in no death. I saw it in on Tucker Carlson, and he is smarter than all the doctors.

  9. He is much better at being bossy than in being a good scientist. He has the problem that facts have often contradicted his ex cathedra statements causing a bit of a credibility problem (e.g. asking people to wear a mask after being vaccinated acknowledges that the vaccine was less than fully effective, so if the vaccine had worked the person vaccinated would be immune to the disease and couldn’t be a carrier). The government issued many statements without doing research to see if they were actually true.

  10. This discussion is most revealing in the light of the recent kol koire from the Lakewood rabbonim.
    Given that the most that can be expected from the jab is it will prevent you from going into ICU, but will not prevent you passing on the virus, the claims made by a few covidians that it is for the greater good is simply untrue.
    Fauci has been shown to have funded and led the studies that created this virus, and appears at least partially responsible for having partnered with China. He should be held accountable in court for this. Anything he subsequently does is no more than covering his back.

  11. We are doomed because the people who are so gullible and mindless to just believe everything that others tell them to believe. Even if Fauci went on to admit that he sponsored this virus and unleashed it on the world(which has already been partially proven), those people will still support him because they do what they are told.

  12. after reading all above it is much easier to say that this man should be behind bars, with that said, take the vaccine and stop being a bully, plain and easy……

  13. This mass murder helped research and funded the bio-weapon, covid-19. After the spread of the bio-weapon he was involved in creating which has killed millions globally, he has the unmitigated gall to tell others how to go about dealing with the repercussions of his terrorism.

    It is simply unbelievable that this person, and all who were involved in the development of this bio-terrorist virus, is not behind bars, but it is only due to his terrorist comrades in the government and due to the millions of sheep who see no issues following this mad scientist’s directives to the point that they give up their basic rights to supposedly “save lives”, which is only happening in their minds, going as far as to inject themselves with a vaccine that is not a vaccine that prevents one from getting the virus and spreading it, has caused death and serious sides affects, and that is still unproven in its long-term safety, only because “Her Fauci” told them to do so.


  14. To even post a picture of the Rasha,big mistake; one is forbidden to look at the face of a evil man or rasha!!!!
    A real Avi Avos HaTumah mamash !

  15. When all else fails, including a stiff drink, just check in with a few of these anti-vax, anti-Fauci, rants and you will soon feel a sense of calm and enlightenment. With the Trumpkopf gone and increasingly irrelevant they have a new cause.

  16. Many people who are not vaccinated are those who have had covid and still have high antibody levels. I know the gov want to sound dramatic, but no, they are not a danger to society. What about all my vaccinated coworkers who are all catching covid now? While those who have antibodies are not. They are “conveniently” disregarding that fact.

  17. Has anyone seen the ExposePfizer video by Project Veritas? Really nothing earth-shattering or new, except that our government is NOT listening to science.

    If someone had COVID and still has immunity, they should not be forced to get the vaccine to stay employed or go about their daily lives.