WATCH THIS: Video Explains Why There Are Shortages Of All Items Across America, Prices Rising


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Dozens of cargo ships have been anchored offshore from the ports of L.A. and Long Beach for weeks. There were 58 container ships reported offshore as of Tuesday morning. That is down from a reported peak of 73 container ships offshore two weeks ago.

The bottleneck is creating major delays, leading to a spike in shipping costs and hurting thousands of small businesses. Last week, officials said there could be as many as half-a-million shipping containers on cargo ships off the ports of L.A. and Long Beach, waiting to be offloaded. The logjam is due partly to the shortage of warehouse workers and truck drivers to pick up goods.

The following video explains what the issue is:

In an effort to address the growing supply chain crisis caused by the cargo ship bottleneck, President Joe Biden announced Wednesday a deal in which the Port of Los Angeles will begin operating 24 hours a day.

“Today I’m announcing that the Port of LA will begin operating around the clock 24/7 to make sure Americans can get the goods they need,” Biden tweeted. “My Administration is working around the clock to move more goods faster and strengthen the resiliency of our supply chains.”

A similar plan will also likely also to move forward for the Port of Long Beach, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The two ports are responsible for nearly half of all imports into the U.S.

Under the plan, the Port of L.A. will nearly double the number of hours that cargo is transferred from container ships to trucks, the Times reports. The goal is to process and unload 3,500 extra containers during the night each week.



  1. More stupid reporting. Why is there a shortage of driver all of the sudden? That is the question. Is it because of vaccine mandates? Is it because some truck drivers would rather get government handouts than work? Where is the investigative reporting?

  2. huh…and we all thought it’s only England that is short of drivers causing low supplies of products AND FUEL! Tons of shipping containers being held off the British coast because nobody on land to unload and drive them away. What a shambles our “organised society” has become, worldwide so it seems!

  3. Nobody asked the critical question of why there are no truck drivers
    All roads lead back to… The government ! Some idiots who sit in offices decided to make laws regarding how and when drivers can drive. They enforced a digital log and lots and lots of rules. Drivers by nature are mostly free spirits who roam the country. The job isn’t for everyone. They don’t want to be restricted to driving certain hours and being told how and when to do their job by Nanny. Suddenly they’re told, if u wait three hours for your load, that’s three less hours you can drive this shift. If you aren’t tired, too bad, we are mandating this is nap time. Many drivers quit or retired and not too many are tempted to take the job. Now deliveries also take longer due to the rules and drivers want much higher pay – leading to a doubling and tripling of delivery costs, passed on to us, the consumers.
    So once more, a little bit of digging answers once again that government is basically ruining this country and causing lots of problems.