CENSORSHIP ON LIVE TV: Fight Breaks Out As Rep. Nadler As He Refuses To Allow Rep. Jordan To Show Video


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Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) got into an argument Thursday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Attorney General Merrick Garland over giving notice to show a video featuring parents at school board meetings.

Nadler objected to Jordan showing the footage on the grounds that the Ohio Republican did not provide 48 hours notice to the committee before showing the video.

When Jordan tried to respond to the decision, Nadler said “that’s out of order, this is not debatable” then later said he was following protocol set by a previous Republican chairman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (Va.).



  1. This is standard politics on the Hill whether under Democratic or Republican control. Each side will exploit arcane rules to control the agenda and messaging. Republicans did it for years and continue to exploit Committee and Floor rules to block action, restrict votes, etc. In one current case they simply walk out of the room to block a quorum vote on a nominee without providing reasons for objections. (Dems did the same in the Texas Senate to delay approval of new voting laws) Likewise, one Senator (Cruz) can and has blocked even debate as well as votes on 17 State Department and national security nominees based on a policy objection on a gas pipeline. You can call it censorship, cancel culture or just stupid politics as usual in D.C.

  2. The AG has family financial ties with the Critical Race Theory (CRT) movement that he is attempting to infiltrate into the American educational system in these times. This is part of what these hearings are about. The idea is to have people question themselves, and educators and industrialists as well, to foment moral confusion in the masses – adults as well as children in schools, in order to further the liberal, egalitarian believes of a communist, gender-neutral politics and secular belief system that doesn’t disdain alternate living styles that are considered to be of disgust by the Pentateuch. The secondary motives are to profiteer by those doing business with these agendas – and unfortunately, there are many, particularly in the current administration.

  3. The Republicans no longer have freedom of speech. The fraud Garland has labeled us domestic terrorists. His boss, Joe Biden, today, repeated the DNC talking points that WHITE supremacy is THEE greatest threat facing this Nation. All white middle class Republicans are racists.
    At least the UNELECTED privileged WHITE male, the fraud Garland, was wearing his mask, for show.

  4. Is there a medical or religious reason why Rep. Jim Jordan never wears a jacket? And is there a rule about the attire of members of Congress?

    And would the Congress stop the nonsense of referring to each other as “gentlemen” and “gentle ladies”? Why not just call each other “Members” or “Representatives”? Part of the problem with Congress is that too many Members confuse pomposity with competence.