Covid Cases Spike In Israel With Over 31,000 Confirmed Cases Over Weekend

(AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

The number of serious cases of hospitalized Covid-19 patients rose from 143 on Friday to 172 on Shabbos in Israel. Overall, the Health Ministry registered more than 31,000 positive cases of the virus over the weekend.

On Friday 18,806 people tested positive for the virus and another 12,495 tested positive by Shabbos afternoon. The total number of active cases in Israel is 108,239.

Among those who tested positive were three Knesset members, Haim Katz (Likud) Eti Atiya (Likud) and Yoav Ben-Tzur (Shas).

In spite of the spike in cases, Israel will open its borders on Sunday to visitors from all countries for the first time since November. Health officials decided that there is no longer any reason to limit entrance to the country in order to contain the spread of Omicron as the virus is already rampant in the country.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. there is no longer any reason to limit entrance to the country There never was any reason even in the 1st place:- Proof:- Because 900 athletes during summer 2020 & miss world participants in December 2021 were gleefully welcome into Israel with open arms, so this clearly proves, that the entire border closure was nothing more than 1 huge political sham.

  2. Stop reporting on the number of cases. Enough. The the vast majority becoming infected show little to no symptoms. The virus is wearing down with each variant. We don’t need daily reports of the world coming to an end. Find some real news to report on.

  3. No, 147.
    There was a reason to have different rules for individuals and certain organized groups. Too many Israeli and American Jews found it necessary to falsify their status and thus endanger others. Israel has come to realize that groups tend to be more honest regarding vaccine status.

  4. What happened to giving the fourth shot they were talking about? Huh? The shots must be very effective that they stopped talking about it… And maybe there’s data that’s getting them scared but they are trying to hide it. The bottom line is that the shots are one big scam, it’s a human rights violation and abuse of power as were all the lockdowns, closing the border and mask mandates. Meanwhile the experimentation of gain of function of viruses is going on full swing…

  5. Perhaps 🤔 we should suggest to the worlds #guinea P that they may want to try
    Boosters 5,6,7,8,9

    How supposedly smart people fell for their government who could care less about their health

    No one is trying therapeutics for heaven sake, we are 2 years in this pandemic. There have been many successful therapeutics given here in the US with a high success rate.
    In Israel they just tell you to stay home until you can’t breathe (in other words until the virus has really spread in the persons body), and only then will they pretend to help them SICK!!!

  6. Up from 143 to 172. Those are very low numbers, b”h, probably much lower than serious flu cases. So what are we worrying about?

    Especially in Israel, where they don’t offer any early treatment for COVID, so any hospital cases are all the possible serious cases available (ie they all either get better on their own — unlikely in a serious case — or end up in the hospital), it seems that the pandemic is over. Time to celebrate …

  7. It was never about Covid.
    The lockdown was all about hurting Yidden, but when the idiotic Israeli Govt realized it was actually hurting their economy even more, they decided to open their doors.
    Go check the money trail.