MOVING SONG: Watch And Listen To This Beautiful Song Le’Ilui Nishmas Meron Victim Habochur Dovi Steinmetz Z”L


This song was dedicated Le’Ilui Nishmas Dovi Steinmetz Z”L who returned his holy Neshama in the Miron tragedy of 2021.

For the Dovi Steinmetz Ani Maamin initiative

The song can be viewed and listened with multiple options available below:

Written & Composed by: Mrs. E. Rubinfeld
Song Produced by: Side Yard Studios
Vocal Recording by: Gershy Schwarcz @Edgware Studios
Master: Aran Lavi
Video created by TheSideyardStudio
Director: Chesky Cherney
Filming and editing: Gavi Starke

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