Police Make Arrests At Stormy Hafganah On Bar Ilan And Shmuel Hanavi [VIDEOS]


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A few hundred protesters gathered on Monday night on Bar Ilan Street in Jerusalem, to protest the ongoing construction of the Jerusalem Light rail.

For more than an hour, the police were unable to remove the protesters, many of whom climbed into excavation pits. Protests turned violent, as dumpsters were set ablaze, and various items were hurled at police.

Police used batons, and brought in water canons to help clear the area and reopen the street to traffic.

Police say the protesters caused serious damage to equipment and machinery that is at the site for construction.

A number of protestors were taken into custody.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. protesters caused serious damage to equipment and machinery & must have all of their assets seized to pay for the damage as per הלכות נזיקין and even if it means them & their parents having to sell their apartment & all their belongings to pay for the horrifying damage, even if these villains & their entire families become permanent paupers & there is no money remaining to pay for weddings of these miscreant viscous wicked boys.
    Police used batons, and brought in water canons Why didn’t the police simply taze them all?

  2. Whether the Chareidim are right or wrong, I think it would be appropriate to include a link or explanation as to why they are against the train. At least that’s what’s done every time there’s an article on the Arabs rioting.

  3. Did you see the little kids? There are children there. They’re having fun. This is their entertainment. Terrible. They need to learn to play baseball and basketball, get involved in organized sports activities, do simple science experiments and plant things, water them and watch them grow. They can learn to write a story, draw a picture or play a simple instrument. When everything is assur and they have nothing to do, they make hafgones. No hafganot have ever accomplished anything besides turning little kids into delinquents and making the rest of the population think we’re disgusting creatures.

  4. Golfer- they need to go out with girls.

    Woodman- he was referring to the fake Jews dressed in black

    Huhhh- prefer Arabs much more over these fake Jews

    147- there wont be any consequences

  5. @golfer You’d be surprised at how much hafganos have accomplished. They do work.
    It’s very easy to sit back in your armchair and call these chareidim animals, but you don’t live in Israel and you don’t believe in what they believe in and you cannot relate to how important it is for them at any cost to do whatever they can to stop this light-rail.
    As far as asking them to play sports…just shows how ignorant you are of the entire situation. Honestly, it’s laughable.

  6. “For more than an hour, the police were unable to remove the protesters, many of whom climbed into excavation pits”

    What a shande. Don’t the police know their is a water crisis?? Instead of wasting a valuable resource, just fill in the excavation pits.
    These idiots continue to impose incredible costs on the public and delay completion of a badly needed transportation option, yet most of them are never arrested and return over and over and continue this rioting and destruction

  7. no matter what is stated I fight and walk with the Chareidim…..if they have to resort to this behavior then you know they are beyond reconciliation….as far as the Arabs go it seems the Jews running this country are more afraid of them then Hashem….I stand with the religious and care less of the secular and liberal and nasty other societies…..I stand with Hashem

  8. Really we shouldn’t be opining over issues we know little or nothing about. Mr. YWN Eckstein loves a tumult and now that the 9 days are coming he couldn’t be happier than to make פירוד within עם ישראל.

  9. The protestestors have a legitimate complaint. They don’t want a train, which carries all sorts of people, Untsniusdik women, Arabs etc. running through a chareidi neighborhood. The train could have gone adiiferent route, or underground and not disrupt a completely frum neigborhood that had no transportation issues before.

  10. So here we are again blabbering about the same old stuff.
    BTW, to all those zionists (or look alikes) out there, what you have to rant and rave about those ‘un-educated’ ‘animalistic’ bla bla chareidim protesting, is really not that interesting, we know what you hold already, you’re not the first ones to hold what you hold.
    Hitler ym”sh described jews as you describe chareidim,
    herzl ym”sh described chareidim as you do,
    the same jabotinsky ym”sh and all the most vile and rabid anti-Semites out there. we know you stand in one line with them, believing in what they do, desiring what they do. this is not news to be frank…
    Maybe go get a life.
    Why don’t you go live in Bar-Ilan instead of sitting in you nicely air-conditioned holiday bungalow, toil with sweat and tears to bring up your kids to emulate something holy in our confused generation, and then only to learn that these ant- yiddishkeit seekers are trying to bring chilul Shabbos, pritzus, etc, to your neighborhood. And oh i forgot, that there are kappel wearers out there who literally curse your names, because you want zera shel kayumeh.

  11. AND BTW 147,
    You care about damage to equipment do you?
    Did you know, that to the best of my knowledge, Avruhom Avinu didn’t pay his father for smashing his idols, and anything which has a similar purpose should have a similar outcome.
    Kein yirbu vkein yifroitz!