MAILBAG: Defund Public Schools, Fund Yeshivas, Fine Parents


As crime rates are going up in New York, we must stop funding public schools.

Getting a proper education is the difference between a success and failure in life, and New York Sate is a great example. With one of the worst public school systems, students are growing up to be criminals, beggars, and drug-addicts. Crime rates are up more than 100% each year, more people are on the streets, and violence is through the roof.

We’ve seen the same stupidity from the government with lockdowns, vaccine mandates, legalization of highly dangerous and addictive drugs, easiness on criminals, etc. This will not stop by itself. Everything taught in the New York Public School System is politically motivated, and often disgusting. Teachers are encouraging students to be disgusting people with disgusting values, and the effect it has on society is unbearable.

We cannot sit and watch this any longer, we need to act now! Legislation must be introduced to ban public schools in New York, and hand out fines to any parent who sends their children to such schools. As part of this battle, me must provide extra funding to yeshivos and private schools!

If citizens from all over New York fight this battle, we can change society for the good. Citizens will act, work, and vote responsibly, Elected officials will be proper professionals who’ve received proper education, police will be allowed to do their jobs, and New York will be safer, cleaner, happier, more productive, and better for everyone!

Shlomo Zalman Rabinowitz

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This won’t happen of course. Too many people make many off the public school system and too many perverts run the show and they won’t give up the kids. And private secular schools are not better. The core of the rotting of society is the immoral entertainment industry which is leading the US population to become incredibly immoral and it’s becoming worse every day.

  2. I forgot to mention in my previous comment that another cause of this decaying society has been the rise of the incredibly powerful “mental health” industry which rakes in billions of dollars while turning people into weak victims who supposedly have to “overcome trauma from childhood…” so now no one bears responsibility for their actions as everyone has some sort of mental disorder that leads them to the negative behavior they are engaged in…so therefore the poor criminals who are victims of their circumstances are set free after being repeatedly arrested for engaging in criminal behavior…And we invited in this depraved victim mindset into our communities by using the services of hundreds of innocent-looking frum organizations providing “mental health” services for our children…and with thousands of psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, etc. giving “therapy” and psychotic pills to healthy children who are simply not being given wholesome chinuch including necessary discipline while at the same time the kids are pressured unnecessarily by our education system. We can see the see the results the “mental health” industry is having on the youth, and in society in general, in the US (and worldwide as well) as it spirals out of control with more depraved behavior, more violence, more depression, higher suicide rates. It is unbelievable that frum people are turning to this “mental health industry” scam when Judaism has everything to offer for a mentally and emotionally healthy life with emunah, hashkafa, mussar and a myriad of infinitely wise hadracha.

  3. Yeshivahs giving “proper education”!
    Maybe in the Five Towns they do, but in Boro Park, Williamsburg and Monsey , yeshivah graduates can’t read and write English, and heavens forbid they should learn science, art and sports!

  4. To Kach your comments show how naive you are about this situation. When you have a disagreement, you need to know at least where the other side has red lines. Art is a no no even in litvisha yeshivos, but sports in many chasidishe yeshivos is a NO, NO, NO, NO As far as the education, The chasidishe mosdos are teaching what they feel their children should learn. In any case the state is not going to stop with chasidishe yeshivos they are going to go all the to Ramaz and Yeshiva of Flatbush as well. Their agenda is to teach Reproduction rights, R-Evolution, critical Race theory and and pRogressive rights. etc. etc.etc.

  5. @ ah yid
    @ the square,
    Don’t get your knickers in a knot!
    I went through your yeshivahs. There’s not one single ultra orthodox one that is worth spit as far as education.
    All they do is provide future welfare recipients!
    Don’t like state policies, stop taking state money!