WATCH: NYC Mayor Adams “Not Concerned With NY Times Article” Attacking Yeshivas


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NYC Mayor Eric Adams told reporters he is not concerned with the finding of the NY Times article on Sunday, which attacked Yeshiva education.

The Mayor made his comments at a press conference on Monday morning, in response to a question by Emma G. Fitzsimmon, the City Hall Bureau Chief for the NY Times.

YWN has transcribed the following, and the video is below:

REPORTER: Were you concerned about the findings (of the NY Times investigation) and when did you decide to restart the city investigation into the schools (Yeshivas).

MAYOR ADAMS: I am not concerned about the findings about the article. The investigation would they turn over to me I am going to use how we move forward, and what ways we move forward so I’m not going to look at a story. I want a thorough investigation. I want to do an independent review, and that’s what the city has to do and we’re going to look at that and the chancellor has made it clear that we’re going to make sure every child receives education in the city.

REPORTER: What about reports about corporal punishment?

Any form of corporal punishment, in any way, is not acceptable, and any appearance that your children are being harmed in any way, and those reports should be reported to the necessary investigators in those parents who feel their children were treated unfairly they should be reported. That is why we do through investigation.

REPORTER: When was the investigation restarted?

MAYOR ADAMS: I am sure the Chancellor will tell you.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The sexual abusers, groomers and perverts are making an investigating if some yeshivas give a potch or two once in a blue-moon for a kid who deserves some?! Lol! These people were the ones screaming against bris milah while they convince healthy kids to hack off body parts. These evil perverts are covering up for their failing, abusive system where they take advantage of innocent children and are pointing their bloody fingers at those who want the best for the children in their education system.

  2. Looking at the pathetic parade of politicians elected by New Yorkers (looking at you, Spitzer, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Adams), my take on the aggregate IQ of voters in the Empire State is not at all complimentary, and that’s grossly understating the matter.

  3. The completely one-sided, biased and in some cases factually incorrect reporting by the NYT on a serious problem provides political cover for Agudah et. al. to play the ant-semitism card. Everyone recognizes there is a need to improve the secular educational skills in some yeshivos but the change will have to come through a cooperative effort and not coercion.

  4. Do they want the Yeshiva students to speak proper english like the mayor does (cough cough)? Sure he puts together a nice complete sentence now and then, but usually his public school education comes shining thru.

  5. Our wonderful Mayor is the perfect rebuttal to the NYT smear article. Look at how someone can finish school without knowing how to put together a sentence in English, and yet go on to have a solid career….

  6. I think it’s great that many chasidic men and women start companies and are successful financially
    However there are many more that are struggling.
    Clearly a better English education would help these families that are are struggling financially.

  7. The Mayor is not concerned because it doesn’t target his community. When there will be an expose on the Black community, then you will be hearing loud and clear from the Mayor.

  8. OK So I guess the “in thing” is to call the NYT article a smear article the are “attacking us” etc.
    However it happens to be if you take the time to actually read it you will see it is not an attack and not a smear. The article is a summary of an investigation by several NYT reporters who worked on this for over a year interviewing more than 235 former teachers administrators students etc. and not surprisingly they got everything absolutely right.
    It is a fact that Chasidish Yeshivos teach hardly any English or math at all. It is public record that in 2019 when Satmar agreed to give state tests to 1000 of their students NOT ONE PASSED. The passing rate for a public school just 5 blocks away from that Satmar Cheder (where mostly minority students learn) was 49 percent, in all Chasidish chadarim it was less than 1 percent!!!
    It is public record that the Chasidish chadarim together received over $375 million a year the past four years.
    These are the main points of the article: The Chasidishe Yeshivos get lots of money much more than other private schools (although less than public schools) but they provide a very poor dismal secular education, which is in violation of NYS law.
    The article also mentions corporal punishment like smacking or sometimes worse but the article also states that smacking is NOT illegal in NY for private schools.
    Now although I do know for a fact that its pretty common for a Rebbe to smack students pretty much through 7th or even 8th grade, I’m not sure how common it is for other types of hitting such as throwing a student on the floor and kicking him etc. Though it for sure does happen sometimes.
    So truth be told the article is mostly true!!!
    Some people say it doesn’t matter, because we see plenty of Yeshiva graduates who are successful. But that proves nothing. That they are successful is in no way thanks to their Yeshiva education. In fact many people who were total failures in Yeshiva in Lemudei Kodesh as well as Lemudei Chol are nonetheless successful in business due to their willingness to work hard or knack to do business or connections etc. It has nothing at all to do with Gemora
    But it still is the law in NY that all children should get an education and the article simply points out the known fact that the Yeshivos are in violation of this law