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SEE THIS: What HaRav Avigdor Miller Said About Voting For A Liberal Democrat

Around 40 years ago, Hagaon HaRav Avigdor Miller was asked at his weekly Shiur about an upcoming election where Democrat Elizabeth Holtzman was running for Congress in New York’s 16th congressional district.

QUESTION: What can we learn from the election of Elizabeth Holtzman (Democrat, House of Representatives, New York)?

RAV MILLER’S ANSWER: “We can learn that the public is not aware of the necessity of protecting their interests. It’s important for the Orthodox public to finally wake up and protect their interests. The Orthodox Jews have to wake up and realize they have to vote not for what somebody promises to give them some benefit, some handout, some small program or some privilege.

There are Jewish askanim, Orthodox askanim, who are supporting congressmen who are trying to undermine America. The congressman comes to the frum Orthodox askan and he offers him some privileges, so he chaps, he seizes it. “Ah, my shtiebel will get special privileges, my rebbe will get special privileges, my yeshivah will get special privileges.” Meanwhile, he doesn’t care a hoot what’s going to happen to America. This congressman is undermining America!

We have to vote not for a person who promises a handout, a benefit. We vote for the overall benefits to America because when America benefits, the Orthodox Jew is also going to benefit.

America today you have to know is in very great danger because of the liberal forces that are rising in the colleges. We are going to reap a great whirlwind, chas v‘shalom, in the years to come. We’re in a great sakanah in America. Don’t think America is always going to be. America is at the crossroads and it’s up to us to help out as much as we can. And therefore if we could get somebody in charge who is even a little bit conservative, who tries to stand up for the family, who tries to fight back against the destruction of moral values, that’s who we want.

Even though we don’t believe him entirely – it’s election talk, it’s campaign talk – but if at least he talks the right kind of words, that’s the man that we have to vote for. It is very important to be aware of the issues and if you yourself are not fully competent, then you should consult the Torah leaders who know what is what.”

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  1. yes it was posted here this week that he said he can NOT give an opinion on Israeli elections since the Gedolei hador differ in this issue

  2. @besalel:
    You must have very broad shoulders to take on a Gadol bi’yisroel that is already in the olam ha’emes. Do I need to tell you what chazal say about such a person?

  3. Besalel: Don’t be a fool when speaking about one of the Gedolei Yisroel ZT”L. The fact of the matter is that even though HaRav Miller zt’l was enormously popular during his lifetime, ever since his petira 21 years ago, he’s become much more sought after by the Torah public. Just drop by any Seforim store or shul in every major frum town, large and small, and you’ll find his Seforim and Torah pamphlets readily and easily and many all over.

  4. Besalel. Rabbi Miller’s zealous infatuation with guiding American Jews in how to vote in a way that will preserve the moral fabric of America and in turn preserve the frum Jewish community is why so many of us have learned to tune him in.

  5. Throughout history, wherever and whenever religious leaders have inserted themselves into politics, it has ended badly for yidden.

  6. וַיִּירָ֤א מֹשֶׁה֙ וַיֹּאמַ֔ר אָכֵ֖ן נוֹדַ֥ע הַדָּבָֽר (שמות ב׃יד)

    ויירא משה: דָּאַג לוֹ עַל שֶׁרָאָה בְיִשְׂרָאֵל רְשָׁעִים דֵּלָטוֹרִין, אָמַר, מֵעַתָּה שֶׁמָּא אֵינָם רְאוּיִין לְהִגָּאֵל (רש”י/שמות רבה)

    Even before HaRav Miller zt”l, Midrash & Raban Shel Yisrael ZY”A told us all we need to know.

  7. Crazykanoiy, so on a national level it’s better to vote for a non-Jewish VP married to a Jew? Or, is it better to vote for a political party which largely pushes LGBTQ and late term abortions?

  8. If one votes for Zeldin he is voting for a toevahnik to become lieutenant governor. You can not split your vote. This would be groundbreaking as it would be the first toevah candidate to be elected to this position. If you are fine voting for such people by all means do it but don’t for a second think that Rav Miller was OK with voting in such candidates for office.

  9. TGI – personally I vote on issues that mater to me. Rav Miller was a daas yachid. But if you are trumpeting Rav Millers ideology then you have no business casting your vote for Zeldin who is also married to a gentile BTW.

  10. Rav Miller clearly said that you take the better choice even if that candidate is only on our side for political reasons and is also not perfect (married to a non-Jew and deviant running mate).
    NO ONE should say ANYTHING disparaging about Rav Miller ZT”L.
    Of course, you may have a Rav that holds differently, but that should only have bearing on what you do, not what you say about the other opinions. No one here is equal to Rav Miller or anything close.
    And it is really amazing how something form the 80’s or 90’s (or earlier), can have sound so up to date today.

  11. Crazykanoiy, I don’t live in NY, won’t vote in NY, and have nothing to gain from NY. I’m pointing out your hypocrisy of Kamala Harris married to a Jew, which doesn’t bother you because of Kamala’s liberal policies which you closely identify with. Simply stated, you don’t like the right wing policies which Zeldin stands with. Just as Doug Emhoff’s non-Jewish spouse doesnt bother you, nother should Zeldin’s. Don’t hide behind the fact that he is married to a goy as your excuse.

  12. I love to hear all the gedolei Torah in the comment section of the bottom of a yeshiva world article spewing their pearls of wisdom. The fact that you guys even think of opening your mouth (even if you are “on his side”) shows how stupid you all are! Reb Avigder Miller was a maluch and a star in the sky compared to us on earth. We are ants. Probably lower than ants. Let’s keep our “opinions” to yourself and allow reb Avigder Miller to do the talking for us

  13. None of my rebeim ever quoted rav miller as a gadol. Ive heard nice vorts in his name but none of them ever regarded him as anything more than a talmid chochom. ( remember the uproar when he reported a bochur to the draft offices for coming late to seder?) Ask your grandfather what the gedolim of yesteryear thought of him as a gadol.
    Not every talmid chochom who lived in the past was a gadol.
    (P.s. i listen to his shiurim semi-regularly).

  14. MosheBinyomin. Besides for being a stupid comment (I imagine you’re in your teens at most) you’re going to have to defend that comment after 120. Good luck with that.

  15. TGI – I fail to see your point I don’t vote based on Rav Miller’s shitos. I never claimed to. The article is about Rav Miller and lishitiso it would appear that he would not allow voting for Zeldin and his lieutenant governor. What does that have to do with people who follow dayos other than Rav Miller?

  16. To all the subhuman rubbish that disparaged Rav Avigdor Miller in your virtual barking (AKA comments): You have no share in the world to come.

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