Hodu L’Hashem: Series Of Deadly Bombing Attacks Thwarted

Illustrative. Islamic Jihad terrorists parade with a replica rocket. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

It was released for publication on Thursday that a series of large-scale bombing attacks against Israelis planned by Islamic Jihad terrorists was thwarted, Kan News reported on Sunday evening.

An enormous amount of explosives and devices were seized by Palestinian security forces from the Islamic Jihad explosives laboratories in Jenin and Tubas, including five powerful explosive charges, six pipe bombs, and a large amount of explosives. Two terrorists were arrested.

The explosives, weighing dozens of kilograms, were already assembled by the terrorists and ready to be activated for attacks in Israel, rachmana litzlan.

The operation by Palestinian security forces in the Jenin area was also designed to send a message about the PA’s plan to restore governance over the city, which has become a major terror hotspot in recent months. The PA is widely seen as having lost control of the cities of Jenin and Shechem.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)