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Republican Governor Tells Trump, ‘Thank You for Your Service… But We’re Moving On’ in 2024

In a recent interview with Fox News, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu stated that Americans are “moving on” from former President Donald Trump. Sununu, a Republican, made the comments during an appearance on “Special Report,” stating that while the party is thankful for Trump’s service, they are not in the mode of settling for yesterday’s leadership.

“We want the next generation,” he said. “I don’t think anything’s gonna get his poll numbers up. And as this race actually heats up and people start paying attention, there’s just gonna be a lot of other options on the table.”

“And look my message to, about President Trump is we thank you for your service. Great. But we’re moving on. Americans are not in the mode of just settling. Right?

Sununu, who is a potential candidate for the 2024 presidential election, did not confirm whether he would be running for president, but his comments have sparked speculation that he may be considering a run.

The governor made similar comments earlier this month during an interview with MSNBC, stating that Trump would not be the Republican Party’s nominee. However, he did suggest that he would still vote for Trump should he win the nomination.

Sununu’s remarks come as the Republican Party is grappling with the aftermath of the 2020 election and the role that Trump will play in its future. While some members of the party remain loyal to the former president, others are looking to distance themselves and move on to a new generation of leadership.

It remains to be seen how the party will ultimately move forward, but Sununu’s comments suggest that there is a growing sentiment among Republicans that it is time to turn the page on the Trump era and look to new leaders to guide the party into the future.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. The governor should be careful about making comments like that. We really don’t know if “people” have moved on from Trump. Polling suggests they haven’t. Now, if Desantis does enter the race, that may be a different story. But not a single one of the other Maybe candidates, including Haley, have a snowballs chance of winning the primary and for sure not a general election. Desantis is the only person who could win outright. Don’t fool yourselves, o matter how much Trump fatigue you may have.

  2. But the trick is to convince Trump that it is his own idea that he retires from politics, since otherwise he won’t support the party in 2024, and without Trump’s base (known to Democrats as “deplorables”) the Republicans are unlikely to win.

  3. He is only one of many Republican governors and local officials who realize that it is possible to have conservative social policies and a strong economy and national defense without the daily chaos and bushah that he brought to the country. Its true that about 1/3 of the Republican vote will stay with him no matter what he says or does but a healthy majority are ready to move on with someone line DeSantis, Pence or maybe even Sununu.

  4. Chris Sununu was always an establishment guy. He’d take Bush or even Romney over Trump any day, but for a few short years he was forced to admit Trump was really delivering…

  5. Gadolhadorah,

    First, it is NOT possible to have any of those things unless you stop them from stealing elections!

    Second, the only 2 presidents in our lifetime who really delivered were not politicians. Trump and Reagan both came from a pinnacle of success outside of politics, entering politics not to succeed within the system but to change it. Think about that.

  6. Trump has the biggest base among Republicans and true conversatives. The corporatist republicans have less electability. Haley has no shot. Desantis would not do as well as trump in a general election. Most of the country isn’t Florida or Jews from Miami.

  7. Akuperma: Agree that it would be much better if his family and friends “intervene”, convince him that “he WON” and its time for him to retire, while getting him the help he needs. He should be allowed to live out his remaining days in peace. Sort of like political hospice care.

  8. Have you people forgotten how much better we were doing as a country 2 years ago?!? Who cares if he has a few mean tweets?!? You’re happy with the dreck that’s going on now?!? Have you all become insane!

    You weren’t happy with more money in your pocketbook so that this way you could actually pay your kids tuitions, put food on the table and hopefully give more money to tzedoka??? You people have hit your heads collectively and it’s fried your brain.

    You’re taking seriously what a governor of a state, with what 37 people in it, says? A governor who was a Bushy if I recall correctly, those same Bush people who despise President Trump?

    Please don’t tell me who to vote for in the primaries. I’m not interested in what you guys think and I’m really not interested in what some other politicians think. I know what my wallet thinks. I know that the past 2 years have been very difficult for me. I know that the economy has been horrible and that the Democrats have done it on purpose!

    So if you’re happy with what’s going on, yeah go ahead and vote for Joe Biden. The guy doesn’t even know which way is up but you’re going to go vote for him. You’re a bunch of fools.

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