WATCH: Trump Says DeSantis Came Begging “With Tears In His Eyes” For Gubernatorial Race Endorsement

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In a rally held in Waco, Texas on Saturday night, former President Donald Trump launched his 2024 presidential campaign by criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Trump accused DeSantis of being disloyal and hit him on issues such as Social Security, Medicare, and the coronavirus pandemic.

During his speech, Trump recounted an emotional meeting with DeSantis during Florida’s 2018 gubernatorial primary race. According to Trump, DeSantis approached him with tears in his eyes and begged for an endorsement to help him win the nomination against Adam Putnam, who was leading in the polls.

Despite believing that DeSantis had no chance of winning, Trump endorsed him, and DeSantis won the nomination. In the general election, DeSantis faced Democrat Andrew Gillum, whom Trump called one of the “hottest in all of politics” at the time. Trump claimed that he helped DeSantis win the election by holding massive rallies.

However, Trump expressed his disappointment with DeSantis several years later when the Florida governor refused to comment on running against Trump. Trump claimed that he felt betrayed, given that he had helped DeSantis win the nomination and election.

Trump also accused DeSantis of being a “disciple” of former House Speaker Paul Ryan and claimed that DeSantis wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare. Additionally, Trump criticized DeSantis’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, claiming that several Republican governors did a better job.

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  1. “Why do we need this in the White House for 4 years?” It depends what the alternative is. If the alternative is Brandon, or ch”v another Democrat, then yes, we need this.