GET READY: 80% Of Jobs Could Be Affected By ChatGPT


A study has found that 80% of US workers may have their jobs impacted by artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT. The free AI chatbot can assist users in writing essays, creating diet plans, and applying for jobs, and has been hailed as a major technological breakthrough.

OpenAI, the Microsoft-backed tech firm behind ChatGPT, says that 80% of the US workforce could have at least 10% of their work impacted by the technology, with 19% of workers potentially seeing as much as 50% of their tasks impacted. Jobs with higher wages that involve many software-based tasks could face more exposure to potential disruption from AI-powered chatbots.

Researchers found that roles heavily reliant on science and critical thinking skills showed a negative correlation with exposure, while programming and writing skills were positively associated with LLM exposure. The most affected professions included interpreters and translators, poets, lyricists and creative writers, public relations specialists, writers and authors, mathematicians, blockchain engineers, accountants and auditors, and journalists.

Meanwhile, industries known for manual labor such as food services, forestry and logging, social assistance, and food manufacturing saw the least potential impact.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has warned that artificial intelligence will radically change people’s lives, predicting that AI will revolutionize the world of work, learning, travel, healthcare, and communication.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Lostspark, why learn to code when ChatGPT can code for you? Seriously. Even AI itself will be used to design better AI. My concern is the powers that be consult AI about how to depopulate the plebes more effectively. I think the best plan is to try to acquire unpolluted rural land, to learn to grow your own food, and to daven you actually succeed to fall through the cracks. You’re all useless eaters to them. Beware.

  2. So if AI takes away 80% of jobs, then 80% won’t have money to buy anything, how will the 20% make money?

    Will the AI supply all natural resources for the people living?

    מלכתך נעשה על ידי אחרים

  3. So now you’ll be able to start a business, have it run through chatGPT, while you sit and learn:
    ChatGPT, wos ist hazoko?