FAKE NEWS: Viral Memo From FDNY Ordering Firehouses To Take In Migrants Is Fake


The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has vehemently denied rumors that it would be housing migrants in firehouses after a fake memo began circulating on Tuesday. The memo, which falsely claimed to be an official FDNY internal document, suggested that an “emergency effort” was underway to accommodate migrants in fire stations as early as Wednesday. However, FDNY press secretary Amanda Farinacci clarified that the document was a fake and confirmed that there were no plans to use firehouses as migrant housing.

The debunked memo, dated June 6, alleged that the Mayor had issued an order instructing firehouse commanders to report the number of available beds for migrants seeking asylum to their respective battalions. Additionally, it falsely stated that officers would be required to provide door codes to the migrants. The spread of the memo on social media sparked outrage and concerns about potential security risks.

FDNY press secretary Amanda Farinacci released a statement clarifying the situation and dispelling the rumors. She emphasized that the document was entirely fabricated and reaffirmed that firehouses would not be utilized as migrant housing facilities. The FDNY was reportedly inundated with inquiries regarding the memo, highlighting the extent of public concern and confusion caused by the false information.

The hoax memo purported to originate from FDNY Chief of Fire Operations, John Esposito, who has been with the department since 1991. Esposito, who climbed the ranks over his 30-year career, was appointed Chief of Fire Operations in July 2022. However, earlier this year, he attempted to resign after three chiefs were demoted by Commissioner Laura Kavanagh in June, resulting in turmoil within the FDNY’s ranks.

The circulation of the fake memo comes at a time when New York City is grappling with finding temporary shelter for the significant influx of migrants arriving in the city. The administration, led by Mayor Eric Adams, has been actively searching for solutions to accommodate the estimated 72,000 migrants who have arrived since last spring. However, the FDNY has made it clear that firehouses will not be part of these efforts and that the fake memo should not be given any credibility.

As the misinformation spreads, it serves as a reminder to verify the authenticity of documents and news sources before accepting and sharing information.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)