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150 Israelis File Landmark Criminal Prosecution Of The WAQF Over Temple Mount Desecration

har habayis.jpgA group of 150 Israeli citizens, which represent a broad cross section of the Israeli public, have initiated an unprecedented criminal prosecution of WAQF (Islamic trust) leaders in Jerusalem – alleging that Islamic officials have engaged in the deliberate destruction of ancient Jewish relics on the Temple Mount. The indictment was filed in the Jerusalem District Court today by means of a private law suit. The private indictment is first of its kind in Israeli legal history and utilizes a seldom applied section of the criminal code.  If convicted, the WAQF officials face years in prison.

The legal action, which is led by Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center, accuses members of the Islamic Trust (“the WAQF”) of the intentional demolishing of priceless Jewish artifacts, including the remains of the Second Temple.

In recent months the WAQF has brought in bulldozers and heavy digging equipment to carry out “renovations”. Israeli archaeologists who have sifted through the discarded earth were shocked to have discovered a great number of Jewish artifacts brutally trashed by the bulldozers. A wall from the outer courtyard of the Bayis Sheni is believed to have been completely pulverized.

The court papers contend that the recent accelerated destruction is part of a four decade long campaign by the WAQF to eradicate all evidence of the historical Jewish connection and claim to the Temple Mount.

After liberating the Old City in 1967, Israel permitted the WAQF to remain as “custodians” of the Temple Mount.

Shurat HaDin alleges that the Israeli government, in its political cowardice, has consistently refused to undertake any concrete actions to stop the criminal activities of the WAQF – thus abandoning the millenniums long Jewish claim over the Temple Mount and allowing Islamic extremists to re-write Jerusalem’s history.

Shurat HaDin Director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner: “This private prosecution in an unprecedented response to the brutal attempt by the WAQF extremist to eradicate any Jewish claim over the Temple Mount. The WAQF leaders belong in prison and since Israel’s government is refusing to protect Jewish heritage and property, we will prosecute the WAQF ourselves. This legal action is a moral obligation, not only for the Jewish people, but also for the Christian community, which has significant interests in safeguarding the Temple Mount as well”.

(YW News Desk)

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  1. I wish them Hatzlocha Rabba Me’Choyil L’Choyil. People sue over silliness. Let Jews finally use the courts to stand up for Kavod Shomayim!

  2. flatbub, This is standing up for Kavod Shomayim, as the makom hamikdash is being ransacked on a daily basis, kavod shomayim is falling with it.
    Add my name to the list of those suing. Ha, alleged destruction,,,ain’t alleged, pieces from the bais sheini have been found by yeshiva bochurim in sand and garbage dumps in the har hazasim area.

  3. This has been going on for years. They have been destroying any and all evidence because it doesn’t go well with their story. The govt. has done nothing to stop it (g-d forbid more people become religious).

  4. The wicked Zionists are only glad to see Judaism be trashed; otherwise, they would have done something about this long ago.

    For a so-called sovereign-entity to allow people to bulldoze its putative heritage is yet another low that only a Zionist would allow and, indeed, invite.

  5. you are all basically wrong — its not that the govt is afraid to do anything, or that tey’re tziyomin, or anything else — its just that there has been NO govt in israel since golda meir (with the exception of menachem begin’s first term; shamir’s govt was specifically designed to be no govt, as he advocated limited govt; all others were no govt)

    just like at the people involved — there’s no “chomer” there (no material), therefore no govt

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