Williamsburg: More Than 25 Cars Vandalized Over Shabbos


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yw logo1.jpgDozens of vehicles were vandalized in Williamsburg over Shabbos (Friday night) – all having their windows broken. A spokesman for Williamsburg Shomrim informed Yeshivaworld that there was nothing stolen from any vehicles – and some cars had three or four windows broken. Numerous Shomrim units are on all the various scenes throughout the neighborhood – and are canvassing the streets looking for additional locations. They are working hand-in-hand with the NYPD 90th PCT detectives at this time.

(Source: WSPU / YW-11 / YW-112)


  1. 25 cars meaning someone who works with a Jewish person for a while and knows that they don’t touch
    cars on shabbos is an obvious suspect.
    Though most employees for Jews in Williamsburg are
    not Jewish thats a big search scale.

  2. Could this have anything to do with Kristallnacht, a bit early?
    It seems rather antisemitic, nothing was stolen!
    Could history be repeating itself?