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Over 40,000 Jews Turn Out for Torah Day in France

french flag.jpgOver 40,000 Jews from throughout France gathered at an enormous site on the eastern end of Paris for Torah Day, where various organizations were presented and speeches given to reach out to the French Jewish community and strengthen and preserve ties.

The huge and unique event was only held eight years after the last Torah Day in France because the task of planning and logistics is so enormous — from arranging for a suitable site to coordinating with the numerous organizations that took part.

The event, which is not aimed at the chareidi community, is unique to France. Booths included shatnez testing, shemiras Shabbos, the general kehilloh of Paris with its various religious and community services, chareidi monthly Kountrass and various tzedokoh organizations.

The event was held from morning to night and received extensive coverage in the French press. HaRav Yaakov Galinsky and various other rabbonim and public figures came to show their support.

The special day was organized by French Chief Rabbi Yosef Sitruk, who was personally involved in each and every detail and delivered a powerful closing speech.

(Yechiel Sever for Dei’ah veDibur)

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  1. Great idea, French Jews know how to include all Torah Jews at a fair. Hope it will increase achdus and ahavah between brothers.

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