BREAKING: 8:00PM EST: Lakewood: 14-Year-Old Assaulted


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lkwd pd5.jpgA source has just confirmed to Yeshivaworld, that approximately 6 black-males have just assaulted a 14-year-old male at Spruce Street near Route 9. Lakewood Hatzolah are transporting him to Kimball Medical Center with head and facial trauma. The Lakewood PD is conducting an investigation.

No further information is available at this time.

(YW-170 / YW-03 / YW-456)


  1. The olem needs to apply to the Lakewood Shomrim. They are only asking for 3 hours a month. I think if Yeshiva would put a stress on it, we can have it set up in no time.

  2. I think it is time for all of us yidden to come together in peaceful protest and come in huge numbers from bp,flatbush, rockaways,queens,rockland and etc to show our support for achenu bnai yisroel in lakewood
    the only thing that shows strength in america is the power of numbers= which translates to votes later
    of course simultaneously we should be saying alot of tehilim for klal yisrael

  3. I thought living in Crown Heights was tough and always was jelouse of lakewood and the suburbs, Now I sadly see that we all have our problems and that running away from Brooklyn years ago was not the answer….

  4. if this would happen in williamsburg ,or the like, there would be plenty of protesting and noise made,is it because people are afraid of something to protest?

  5. I would never suggest that we do things k’neged halocha or where a chillul haSh-m is CHV made however I think it might be time for a “Peaceful Protest” at the Lakewood City Hall just to let them know we are people too (not to mention mostly legal citizens of this country).