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Williamsburg Shabbos Thief Nabbed By Shomrim

pd car.gifThanks to the watchful eye of Williamsburg Shomrim, a long wanted thief known to strike on Shabbos has been arrested. A spokesman for WSPU has informed Yeshivaworld that since the incident two weeks ago on Shabbos – where dozens of cars had their windows smashed [reported HERE on YW] – the members of Shomrim were placed on foot patrol over Shabbos.

That decision by WSPU Coordinator Yanky Itzkowitz would end up paying off “big-time”!

At approximately 5:00AM Shabbos morning, a WSPU unit witnessed a black-male breaking into a home on Marcy Avenue @ Rutledge Street. He notified the NYPD who quickly responded and placed him under arrest. In the trunk of the mans car, 5 loaded guns were recovered, and on his possession were found sophisticated tools used to pick locks.

Under his interrogation, the man told cops that he specifically targeted Jewish homes over Shabbos since he knew that they would not call the police on Shabbos – and has been doing this since early July.

The man has reportedly been charged with breaking-into 20 homes (so far), and has stolen much more than $500,000 CASH from the homes.

Once again, the community owes a debt of Hakoras Hatov to the dedicated members of Williamsburg Shomrim!

(WSPU / YW-11 / YW-112 / YW-170)

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  1. There are members of the general society who believe that they are hunters and we are prey. I thank Shomrim for being M’kai-im the Pasuk,
    “V-nega Lo Yikrav B-Oholecha.”

  2. ich hob a kasha

    farvas daf men shreiben finif hindred alufim fun tzvanztig haiser
    dus meint az stam mentchen huben mer vi finef in zvonzig tozent alufim in dee shtieb????
    please mek ess os!

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