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Winners And More Winners At Oorah’s “8 Nights – 8 Flights”

oorah small.gifThe “buzz” grows louder on each night of Chanukah as Oorah selects new winners for a free round-trip ticket to Israel in its “8 Nights-8 Flights” on-line raffle.

So far, the winners include: Aliza Stareshefsky from Passaic, NJ and Tziporah Schulgasser from Spring Valley, NY. There are still 6 tickets left!!

The raffle winner is selected at noon each day and posted on the Oorah website. The campaign is part of the launch of this year’s Oorah Auction, which raises money for the organization’s extensive kiruv program.

Although Oorah is famous for its door-to-door outreach and its highly effective methods for bringing public school children into the yeshiva/day school system, it’s kiruv efforts actually extend far beyond those activities. Their programs include everything from at-home learning for the children’s parents to shadchan services for their graduates. Summer camps, tutoring, learning in Israel, kashering kitchens, hanging mezuzos, supplying tefillin, making brissim, Bar Mitzvahs, Sheva Brochos – whatever Oorah’s families need to grow as Jews, Oorah endeavors to supply.

The Oorah Auction is a unique way to raise money for these activities. It is a mail-only auction, which means there’s none of the large overhead entailed in running an event. The prizes are all donated or sponsored, and the writing, photography and graphics are all done in-house. This means that the greatest possible share of the money raised goes straight into its real purpose – bringing Jews back to Torah.  With a wide selection of high-end luxury prizes and a flat entry price of $5,  everyone can participate.

Visit 8 Nights, 8 Flights today in order to enter into this amazing raffle and don’t forget to take a look at this year’s Auction offerings.oorah large.gif

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