Baltimore Has Already Suffered More Than 100 Murders In 2017


For the first time in nearly 20 years, Baltimore has suffered more than 100 homicides before the end of April.

Media outlets report that the city recorded its 100th murder Monday, followed hours later by another homicide that brings the total count to 101.

The violence has not relented since 32 homicides were recorded in January, the most in that month since 2005.

Baltimore has not seen 100 homicides before the end of April since 1998.

The violence here began to spike in the spring of 2015, after civil unrest prompted by the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray.



  1. IMO, the cause and effect is pretty straight forward…police do not want to be proactive and get involved at the risk of the recent scrutiny aimed at those who serve.

  2. My bank opened a new branch and wanted to provide a feeling of openness by not installing bullet-proof glass in front of the tellers. After 2 robberies in the first 2 weeks, they decided to install the bullet-proof glass like all other branches, which immediately curtailed the thefts. They realized that providing an warm open invitation to steal may not be the best policy.

    I’d like to send a special Thank You to Mr. Obama and his attorneys general for creating an open invitation to criminals and thugs in our large cities to ramp up the crimes. By intimidating police officers and eviscerating their ability to police our cities without fear of reprisal, Mr. Obama and associates have essentially offered a warm, open invitation to criminal activity which is now decimating our cities. Thanks for your efforts these past 8 years to tear down much of what America had built before your administration came into power. We are left with the responsibility to figure out how to “install the bullet-proof glass” to clean up your mess.

  3. Typical AP whitewash. After Baltimore police realized that the ever-more-liberal city would no longer support their aggressive policing techniques, they stopped them. Criminals picked up on this, and a spike in crime, known as the Ferguson effect, is the result.
    Shortsighted liberals have the victims’ blood on their hands.

  4. #3 – the police still protect people in middle class neighborhoods, so it doesn’t impact on the limosine liberals.

    In all fairness, police historically never were too concerned with lower class crime as long as it claimed lower class victims. If the people in the inner city get fed up with crime, they’ll elect a goverment that will do something about it.