French Jewish Group Denounces Anti-Semitic Attack In Paris


hate crimes5.jpgThe French National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism has denounced a reported violent anti-Semitic aggression last Shabbos in Paris.

According to the EJP, a 17-year-old Jewish man wearing a Yarmulke was waiting for someone to open the door of the building where he lives, when approximately twenty young people described as being of North African and Black origin attacked him violently.

One of the aggressors, was a raid-haired man who did not cease swearing on the Koran while beating his victim.

The victim was saved by a Jewish neighbor who went out from his home at the same time.

A witness called police which arrived quickly on the spot and tried in vain to chase the aggressors.

The victim was brought in shock to the hospital with wounds at the face and several bruises on the body.

“We ask police to quickly identify and arrest the authors of this anti-Semitic attack,” the Bureau of Vigilance, which monitors anti-Semitic acts in the country, said in a statement yo the EJP.

Last month, it has organized a meeting on this issue with the Paris police head and the CRIF, the umbrella group of Jewish organizations in France.